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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

“A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, and a word spoken in ‘due season,’ how good it is”! Proverbs 15:23

Happy Friday! I’m always thankful you take this time to sit for a moment to read what He may be speaking to your heart in “due season.” Grab your coffee and journal; let’s see what’s in store for us today.

For 26 years I have been a part of an industry that makes women feel and look good about themselves. I can recall during those years the opportunities that were presented to pray and cry with many women some in situations that seemed so bleak; and in other seasons, the laughter of great joy. I have been told that my place I worked at was “my podium” so to speak, and yes, when God is in it He will use you to speak a word in ”due season.” I’m sure we’ve all heard this term coined. What exactly does this mean?

In the Hebrew, “due season” means, in short, an appointment, a fixed time or season; specifically, a festival; appointed sign, time appointed, due season, set time.

In the Greek, “due season” means: the right opportune time, an occasion, i.e. set or proper time: opportunity, convenient, due season or time.

Sometimes it may seem hard to speak a word in due season. Why?  For numerous reasons, the most common is we always second-guess ourselves, yet another would be fear of someone being critical, or even out of fear believing you will sound or look stupid. These are lies that we can easily convince ourselves in order to not follow through in obedience and therefore be blinded to all the ways in which God provides.

There can be controversy regarding giving a word in “due season” and often it can be taken out of context; however we must be cautious, pray for wisdom and understanding, weighing, considering in knowing that the word is not an act, performance or any type of entertainment. We certainly can be moved by our emotions, so we must first ask ourselves:

1) Does it line up with the Word of God?

2) Is it encouraging, uplifting and is it edifying?

3) Will a word bring clarity or confusion?

Jesus had such a manner of projecting His Father’s love and was moved by compassion. He considered His words for His words brought life to those who were desperate, secretly hurting, to the hopeless. He spoke to the woman with the issue of blood for 12 yrs, the woman at the well, to raising Lazarus from the dead.  And for some they had no idea in that day that He would speak a word in “due season” when He spoke and gave freedom and life!

There’s no greater joy when you see that word in “due season” spoken and the results of God’s power being demonstrated. God never failed His Son and His Son will never fail us; He is about His Father’s business for our lives. He is so able to speak to each person personally and yes, He answers you in His Word….but He uses people who are grounded in the faith to teach and love others, to be at the right place at the right time and to encourage others… encouraging others…could it be that you have spoken a word in “due season”?

The times and seasons for individuals are set by God who works all things together… towards the fulfillment of His purposes. Jesus was the greatest mentor, teacher, advisor, and counselor that ever walked this earth. He always spoke a word in “due season”!

One can weigh forever the words that he or she are struggling with and miss the greatest opportunity to speak to someone in “due season.” Don’t let fear override what HE has chosen to speak through you. Remember, for the motive of our hearts always comes out of our mouths. Have a super weekend…and remember to keep Him close to your heart

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