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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Romans 11:29

As a child growing up my parents believed in us as children. They have always told us we could achieve anything that life threw at us. They also taught us to trust God and to exercise our faith when we faced with challenges. Now as an adult I believed in their instruction and I have experienced many roads that were prepared for me along the way, roads that have led me to many places; from prisons to other countries, from huge auditoriums to very poverty-stricken places that many would choose not to go. I knew in my heart, back then, I was building an Ark, maybe not quite like Noah but my faith was just as strong to understand I was fulfilling the plans that God had purposed for me, Psalm 33:11. Grab your coffee or favorite beverage and your journal for you never know what nuggets will inspire your heart at a time you may need it the most. So let’s get started!

We read about a faith hero named Noah in Genesis. We find that Noah pleased God in the midst of great corruption and that violence had filled the earth and because of this God told Noah to build an Ark; and, so, Noah did. He instructed Noah how to build the Ark with every conceivable dimension known to man; what a task set before Noah. Wow! One has to know that something BIG was gonna happen! I can also envision the taunting that must have taken place every time Noah came out with a hammer. Yet with all that confronted Noah, he never gave up or gave in. Noah pushed through all the mocking, laughing, and the many sceptics that stood before him.

I wonder if our faith would have survived such a test of time and hardship. I can only imagine being called by God and Him asking me…”Debbie, I have a great assignment for you and it’s going to require some faith and your talent on your part…are you up to it?”  And of which my immediate response would be “Why of course, God, here I am; use me, whatever it is. I’m ready and able.”

Then the plans come. The instructions are loud and clear from God; yet there are those times our minds begin to rationalize the idea or the thought, then our hearts move to analyzing every process that God’s requiring.  Would we have the nerve to tell Him, “Well, God, this is a great idea; however, I may not be the one you’re really looking for, so how about asking someone more qualified than I?” Just like children, we argue, rant and carry on that the task is too hard and impossible.

God sometimes calls us to assignments that seems impossible, especially to others. Luke 1:37

My point is we all have been given a measure of faith and the ability to carry out the plans of God. Yet it’s easy to fall into our own purposes of what God’s will is because it’s natural for us to let our will override God’s.  Don’t let the voices of many drown out the voice of God just to find out later that you missed the greatest opportunity ever to follow through with His plans.  It takes a strong commitment for God’s will to emerge in our lives based upon His plans instead of our own. His purpose will bring us to that finished product He intends for us to become. I call as I see it; you may be a Noah and He may be requiring you to build something that will, indeed, bring others to Christ. You may be called to be a Moses to lead many to Christ in their wilderness, and yes, you may even be an Esther who will bring your family to a life of serving Jesus. Don’t limit your gift and certainly don’t limit God; He believes in you!

Until next week…and remember to keep Him close to your heart!

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