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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Here it is, Faith Filled Friday already! So glad you could join me. I’d like to ask a question of you: Do you have a garden or are you thinking about one for this year? If so, have you surveyed the land for the right place to see the best results? I’m always excited when it comes to experiencing what He has prepared for us together, so let’s not delay any further. Grab your coffee, journal and let’s get started.

I love my prayer walks; each day He speaks to me something new. He is always faithful to give me a word of inspiration. Why? Because I have made myself unavailable, not capable of being disturbed by anything… no texts, no phones, no list of things that need my attention this very second.

In my walks lately I’ve noticed the parchedness of the ground and for many who have beautiful landscaping, the amount of water, or lack of water being used has certainly had its effects … because of our drought

Water, no matter what the condition of the ground is… lifesaving. Water is essential of any kind or way for life!

I know He’s been speaking to my heart about soil and as I shared last week in “A call to Sow,” the question still echoes: “Who are you sowing into?”

But after you’ve carefully tilled the ground, one must ask, “Are you sprinkling and saving on watering?” It struck a chord in my heart.. “Wow, am I under watering? Am I that busy that I only hear in part?” Sure, my intentions are pure yet sometimes I can be over-cautious in order not to offend. And the question is “Who am I offending?” If He has prepared them for me to do some sowing, then I’d better be prepared to sow…and if I’m supposed to water, then I better be prepared to water.

In order to sow, we must prepare in the rightful manner of God’s Word so it can abide, imparting His love upon their hearts and minds and if their hearts are not duly ready and prepared to receive it, it falls on hard ground. This is where the watering comes in. Water is vital in order for the seed to germinate. Watering is equivalent to pursuing keeping a watchful eye on what you’ve just sowed.

Life at this point of the sowing is very precious and fragile; timing is so important.

The devil is very busy, about ready to steal from the hearers that you’ve been sowing into just as the fowls of the air go about the seed that lies above ground. When the heart, like the highway, is untilled, he is like the birds; he comes swiftly, and carries away the seed of God’s Word sown.

Remember, He takes consideration in every single person ….just as we must take into consideration those whom He sends our way.

Using the right tools when we sow and reap is also important to the process. You cannot use a sowing tool when you reap and you cannot use a reaping tool for sowing. Oh, the steps of a garden: the tilling, the right seeds in the right season, and the right amount of watering and weeding in order to reap a bountiful harvest!

My prayer for you as you take some time to read today or this weekend comes from Isaiah 55:8-11 & John 4:27-38: that you will understand that you are used for every part of His “soul garden” and that He will accomplish His Word through you, for His ways are far greater than our ways…. lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already ripe for harvest… and remember; A word spoken in due season, how good it is!

Thanks for stopping by today’s Faith Filled Friday’s and keep Him close to your heart.

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Love, Deb

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