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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for joining me for a break away from it all at Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and EL pen Logo with heartwelcome to our Faith-Filled Friday series. Let’s grab our coffee and go meet the first one placed in The Hall of Faith.

Let me introduce you to Abel. What a name, huh? Before I tell you a bit about him, let’s check out what his name means because every Old Testament name has a meaning. Okay, so Abel translates to ‘hebel’ and means – Oh, my – “emptiness or vanity, something transitory and unsatisfactory.”

Well, that’s a bummer but definitely will shed some light on his story as we enter in to this Hall of Faith.

So Abel was Adam’s second son; his first one was Cain. They show up in the creation at Chapter 4:1-2a. There is no record of their childhood. In fact, from their births in verses 1 and 2a, verse 2b takes us to what their professions were. Abel was a keeper of flocks – ooh, that’s interesting. Who else do we know as keeper of flocks? There was David, one who foreshadowed the most amazing Keeper of all flocks, Christ.

Okay, so Cain was a tiller of the ground. Hmm, let’s check out what a tiller of the ground is.

Wow, these translations never cease to amaze me, tie knots in my strand of faith with all its perfection and alignment with truth. So “tiller” translates to ‘abad” which means to work as a slave, to be made to serve, to be served or worshipped.” You may be saying what does this have to do with the price of eggs, let alone faith? Well, just tuck this all in your mind because I promise, it will all make sense, and in fact, will have you tying knots in your strand of faith!

Let’s check out one more thing before I let you go. Let’s see what Cain’s name means in Hebrew. Hmm, it means “first child.” So does that mean he was a favorite?

That actually begs an answer. I know my first grandchild is not necessarily my favorite; and yet, he has a special place because he was first. Let’s finish up our time thinking about our “firsts.” Our first child, grandchild; how about the first time we came to Christ, first trial that tested our faith in Him . . .

Have a faith-filled Friday!


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