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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thank you for joining me today for our new series, Faith-Filled Fridays! Grab your coffee and come on in and let me share how I happened upon this!

For those of you who are familiar with the “Hall of Faith” found in the book of Hebrews, I hope that the words I share will illuminate a new light on the subject of faith and that that illumination will spill over into your own walk of faith.

I was answering a question in my “Becoming a Woman of Freedom” study about faith when I realized something I’ve never really thought about before when referring to the Hall of Faith — an entire chapter devoted to the “patriarchs” of faith.

By the way, the word patriarch is a whole other study but to simplify it, it means: “One of the scriptural fathers of the human race of the Hebrew people.” It also means: “A man who is father or founder.”

Every time I’ve read that chapter, I’ve concentrated on the people, their testimony more than “faith” itself. But the truth is, without their faith their testimony wouldn’t have come to life and certainly wouldn’t have been part of the scriptures as a way to encourage us in our own faith.

So while I’m able to really admire these examples of faith – by the way, there are 22 specific ones named in Hebrews 11 – I keep hearing a question, almost as if it were an echo. And as if to confirm that echo, He just took me back several years ago where this very issues was murmured about by an attorney/client/friend of mine. Come with me for just a moment.

We had just finished an all-day deposition and we were talking about many of the facts he had elicited from the witness, some of which collided with what his clients had told him. Somehow the conversation went down the track of “religion.” He explained he was trying out his wife’s church, which is Catholic, and he admitted to having a lot of questions in the area of religion. He was definitely on the fence, not sure what to believe and was leaning more towards disbelief than belief. He’s highly educated and brilliant, someone whom I like and respect very much. The cool thing is I was in no way intimidated by him, never have been. As I listened to him, really listened, my heart went out to him. See, I’ve learned not to be defensive or irritated by one’s disbelief or questions because that only adds to their disbelief!

Well, when I did respond, I must have been passionate in my declaration of while I have respect for religion, I preferred relationship.

His response astounded me: “I not only admire your faith; I envy your faith.”

I’ll share with you what I told him, which is why I have this passion burning in me to write this new series: “It hasn’t always been that way!”

Join me Next week as we unlock the key to faith.


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