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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the “Faith & Finance” series. If this is your first time with us and/or your first time in this series, you may want to check the archives so you can get caught up and brought up to speed on this subject. Yesterday we were still discussing how to take our focus off what we see as a deficit and put it where there is plenty, so grab your coffee and come on in.

This next principle I’m going to share with you is based upon my own experience, and it wasn’t until I was deeper into my “unpacking” process that I was led to do this. When I look back upon it, it reminds me of having watched a magician do his/her thing and being stumped and utterly amazed with a “How did they do that?” look on my face and feeling in my mind.

Before I share it let me say this: No matter how much or how little we have in the way of money, when either/or struggle, the struggle is still very real. In other words, I may earn a higher income than Joe Snow down the street, but that doesn’t make my struggle any less important. There is still a struggle and there are still things that need to be learned. That is why our focus cannot be on the money itself because then we become even more broke while opportunities for valuable life-changing lessons go quickly by.

Now I’ll continue with my story. It was my first year of employment as a court reporter in L.A. Superior Court and I was struggling financially quite a bit because in a very narrow sense I was making substantially less than I had been making the year before as a freelance reporter. The reason I say in a narrow sense is because when I added in the benefits, I truly was making more and definitely standing on a more secure financial platform as it relates to job security and planning for retirement and all of that but when it came to paying the bills, I had more checks than money, and definitely more bills than money.

To make things even worse, right after getting into court, I was hit with another debt of $2000 a month while He was teaching me that I am just the property manager over everything He’s entrusted to me, including the income I earn. In fact, this principle is the one where He kind of stands back and says: Come on, test me; I double dare you!

See, the sooner we realize that this is not our home, therefore not where our heart should be, and that we are just getting ready for the real deal, the less likely it is that we will put so much emphasis in and on material things. When we hold on to things real tight, we actually suffocate ourselves.

Well, getting back to my personal miracle, because I finally realized that everything I received was from Him and He wanted to teach me how to be a better manager of all He did bless me with, I finally began to trust Him in the area of finances, and my tithe became the first check I wrote every payday. Within a couple of months of my being faithful in this newly formed habit, I started getting transcript orders – which is money over and above our paycheck – and I paid even more tithes on that money, and soon my transcript money was almost as much as my salary!

Not only was I able to pay all the bills — including the $2000 a month bill that lasted for nine months – without borrowing a dime, I was able to put money away and buy a brand-new home with lots and lots of upgrades and the car I’d always wanted. Now that’s better than magic.

I’d better let you go for now, but have a restful and memorable weekend and make some memories that make you smile for years to come. We’ll finish up with this story and this series on Monday.



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