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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome to the “Faith & Finance” series. If this is your first time with us and/or in this series, feel free to check the archives so you can be brought up to date with all that’s been shared in this series. Grab your coffee and come on in so I can finish telling you what happened when my income decreased so substantially.

Before I move on in the story, I have to rewind a bit and share with you something I had learned within six months of my start date with the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The first few months were so difficult because I was definitely bringing home substantially less. I had forgotten how much Uncle Sam’s share would be from each paycheck because I had been self-employed as an independent contractor for ten plus years, so the deficit was over a thousand dollars a month. This is when He decided to teach me the value of tithing! I’m so glad He chose that particular time to teach me the truths of tithing, for it is because I learned the truth of tithing when I was earning less that I am convinced of its solidarity. See, I understand the panic that sets in when He is trying to teach this principle, and the panic rises faster, harder and higher when there is a financial deficit and/or a crisis. So if you are in a position of not working right now, or you have too many bills and not enough money, you truly are in the better position to tithe!

Let’s talk a bit about that word first before we move on because there is significance in its meaning. Most everyone knows that a tithe means a tenth, but let’s take it a bit deeper, shall we?

The first time we hear the word tithe mentioned is in Genesis and it actually was instigated by Jacob who made a vow to/with God wherein he said, in so many words, If God will be with me and keep me safe where ever I go, and supply all of my needs, food, clothing, then all that He gives me I will surely give a tenth back. So we see that Jacob gives credit where credit is due; that everything he has/receives comes from his/our Father and he will give it “back.” Giving it back implies that it never was his/ours to begin with! Did you get that? If it never was his/ours to begin with, then where did it come from?

I remember once someone said to me, “You’re lucky because you have a good job and a way to earn a decent living,” and then that person went on to compare even more things which didn’t help her situation at all. After thinking about what she had shared, I thought, yeah, but it wasn’t like God just wrinkled His nose and said, “Poof, you’re a court reporter.” I had to be a Peter and get out of the boat and reach for that career by going to school and training for it. And when I passed the two-day exam, I was well aware that He helped me. And every day that I do work, I recognize that I cannot do it alone. I have to invite Him into the job or I’ll fall flat on my face while the words being testified go flying by, and my CSR license with it. It’s me recognizing where every good thing comes from, HIM, and being mindful to handle it with TLC.

To understand that important part is to begin to understand the definition of “tithe.”

I know I can’t keep you this morning, so I’ll let you go, but please come back tomorrow for more on this subject of tithing.



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