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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the “Faith & Finances” series. I truly thought that we’d be finished with it by now, but then again, we can never over-learn about something so important as our faith and finances, right? So if this is your first time with us in this series, you may want to go back into the archives to get caught up so what we talk about today makes even more sense in this picture that is getting painted with truth. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So yesterday, I said something that wasn’t completely accurate about the first time that “tithe” is mentioned in the Bible. It actually isn’t Genesis 28 with Jacob. Actually, the first mention of a single person to be associated with “tithe” is Abram who recovered his brother Lot and all of their goods quite strategically from the king of Sodom who had come in unbeknownst to Abram and taken his brother Lot and many of their belongings.

The next thing we read in the story is that Abram meets with Melchizedek – translates to “righteousness” – who was the king of Salem – which means peace – and he was known to be a God-fearing man. Apparently Abram, Melchizedek and the king of Sodom were together sharing some bread and wine — which I have no idea why Sodom’s king was there because he’s a real loser, but anyway, Abram presents a tithe of all that he had recovered. This had become a tradition, even among the heathen.

Let’s stop there. I just saw something. So even the heathen gave a tithe? What’s all that about? Well, whenever booty was recovered – which is things taken during war – they brought a tenth/tithe as a sacrifice and/or offering. So if even the heathen can recognize that what they have isn’t theirs and give a tithe of it, why do we have such a hard time letting go of a tithe of our paycheck and/or our time? That’s just a thought.

So continuing, then the king of Sodom says to Abram, Hey, dude, I’ll give you all the goods if you give me the people. Abram shakes his head, no deal.

Here’s the cool thing about that: He refused to take any booty from the king of Sodom, despite the fact that all of the king’s stuff would have significantly increased his own riches and thereafter his tithe. He rejected it because he didn’t want the ungodly king of Sodom to have any part of his financial success in hopes that the king of Sodom would be able to recognize that God had made Abram rich, not this king of Sodom. Abram wanted the attention to be off of him and what he had because he knew that what he had and was still to receive came from God and therefore needed to be given to God. Now that’s an even bigger tithe!

I’ll let you go now, but please come back so we can talk about what and how to tithe next week. Have an amazing weekend.



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