Fears are like . . . From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for joining me today. We are going to be returning to the original fear that began this whole series, so grab your coffee and join me in the kayak out in the middle of the ocean, or so it feels like, and we’ve just gone through two waves.

(okay, so we weren’t kayaking in the glaciers, but you get the picture!:) )

I was gasping for air, sputtering water out of my mouth, and trying desperately to get the water out of my eyes so I could see, all while trying to scream, begging not only George but the guy who was directing us right to and through the waves, to get me the heck out of the kayak. I didn’t want to go through with it; I wanted out. George’s reassurances were going over my head, just like the prior two waves had.

“Pu- — le- — ee- — ee- — ase let me out,” I managed to gasp as I turned to face my husband again.

“Turn around” the guy screamed back.

I turned around as I was told to, but begrudgingly. The wave was right at the tip of the kayak. The scream froze in my throat, and I don’t know what was louder; the beat of my heart or the crashing wave that spilled up and over us, nearly knocking me out of the kayak. Suddenly I felt a jerk, and then George’s voice commanded me to begin paddling. The guy had pushed us off into the wave and he was no longer hanging on to us! 🙁

“Left, right; left, right,” he mimicked, trying to sound like a drill sergeant. I was still gasping for air, and though my chest didn’t feel as though there was someone in there playing a bongo drum, I was shaking pretty bad, so bad I couldn’t even speak.

“You’re doing good, honey. Just keep paddling.”

Oh, I would keep paddling all right, but so help me, I wanted to put that paddle somewhere other than in the water! 🙂 I bit my tongue and swallowed the retort I had on my tongue; after all, I had just been spared from drowning and delivered through my fear of the waves, one of my biggest fears ever, and I certainly didn’t want to appear ungrateful!

So yes, I got through it, but the best part is yet to come; the revelation from the fear! Join me tomorrow for more.



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