Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour! I’m so excited that you’re here to have coffee and conversation with me. This is some good stuff that we’ve been talking about and I’m really enjoying sharing it with you. We are still on the second step of “How to Succeed in Life and Love,” so grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

Holy moly do I have an example to share with you that just happened yesterday about the definition of “watching over with intensity.” 🙂 My hubby and I were just getting ready to get on the freeway and all of a sudden we see the guy ahead of us in a jeep give the guy in front of him the “bird,” aka, flip the guy off! Apparently that guy had cut in front of him (the jeep) right before the light turned red. Well after the light is the merge lane to get on the freeway.

So the light turns green and we merged onto the freeway. All of a sudden, this guy in the jeep was “watching over” the guy who had cut in front of him with so much intensity that he wasn’t paying attention to anything or anyone else around him, let alone other drivers on the road. Within seconds, his “watching over with intensity” and commitment to get even with this guy caused him to do the same thing he was watching over the other guy for; he cut some of us off! Unbelievable! Oh, I’ve always said, two wrongs don’t make a right! 🙂

Anyway, let’s move on to more positive things. So we’ve talked a little bit about the second definition which comes from the Hebrew concordance and says to watch over with intensity. I’m not sure why I went to the negative side first. Maybe it’s because I see so much of this type of “watching over” in the name of commitment and it just breaks my heart because in actuality, this type of interpretation always leads to suffocation, and suffocation eventually leads to the destruction and demise of whatever you’re watching over with such intensity, whether it be a relationship or circumstance.

“To watch over with intensity” does not mean to watch over the person with whom we are committed to with intensity, or to watch over the thing which we’ve committed ourselves to, but to watch over with intensity our commitment itself.

Isn’t that a different picture? The colors I now see in the definition of commit are colors of protection, integrity, determination, desire, discipline. Nowhere in that definition is the ugliness that the color “control” can splash into any situation and any relationship.

Instead, what this definition tells me is that whatever or whoever I commit to, I will do so consciously! I will be proactively protective to keep my commitment as much as is possible with me, while partnering with the Holy Spirit, resolving.

Committed to Him


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    This is great, thanks a lot!