Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks so much for joining me today. We are still on step number 2, commit, and by now, I hope when you hear that word, you smile instead of cringe! 🙂 Grab your coffee and come on in.

So let’s go to some other examples of commit. The rest of the Greek definition says, “to place confidence in, and signifies in this sense of the word reliance upon.” Let me break this one down, because if I don’t, it can surely get a bit muddy with ambiguity and misinterpretation. Let’s start with the obvious first place, with people.

Each of us have people in our life that we rely upon for various things but let’s bring the circle in a little closer, a little tighter. Think of a person whom you’ve come to trust, rely upon, someone who you’ve come to know you can take them at their word. This may be a spouse, sister, BFF, to name a few examples. What happens when that person lets us down? Does that blow up the commitment? It absolutely, positively shouldn’t; unfortunately, oftentimes, it does because we can tend to rely upon others too much, thereby tying them up with all sorts of false expectations, a stage for failure.

Okay, so I have a personal example to give you; I know, you’re so surprised, right? Not! 🙂 🙂  I love hanging out with my guy, but Saturday mornings are especially special to me. We make ourselves a great big cup of coffee, and I fix my usual rice cake with peanut butter snack for me and our four-legged children and we go up to my writing room and get comfy with our coffee, catch up on things that are happening with us and around us, share some scripture and prayer. There are no words to describe how connected I feel to him. It’s sort of a re-energizing time for us.

I’ve come to rely upon that time together, almost like the air I breathe. Well, this one particular Saturday morning as I was getting our coffee ready, he told me he had to meet his son with some of our grandson’s things about an hour away because little Bryden was going to his other grandma’s for the week.

I really didn’t think anything about it until I went into my writing room, expecting him to meet me in there any minute and when he didn’t, it registered: what I had come to rely upon wasn’t going to be happening this Saturday! 🙁 🙂

Well, I’d like to say I was the easygoing, kind and sweet wife that I long to be, but I wasn’t. I was darn-right perturbed, and I let him know it, and not very sweetly. !@#$%^&*()_)_+

Ugh, these revelations are so painful sometimes, and yet, how revealing they are to speak to me and beckon me forward in my first commitment, which is to Christ and becoming more like Him, and then in my second commitment, which is to and with my husband. And though he is so very dependable and reliable, he’s going to make mistakes. It doesn’t mean I can’t rely upon him, but I must rely upon the reality of the truth of what it is to commit.

Oftentimes when we come to rely on our loved ones too much, it leads to unrealistic expectations and is that really fair to them?

Join me for more of this second step of the Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love tomorrow.



P.S. No Blog Talk Radio today! We will be back on the air with Blog Talk Radio next Monday, the 26th, same time, same channel.


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