Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for joining me today for a break. I can’t tell you how much it blesses me to share these discoveries with you. Grab your coffee and come on in and get comfy. I may need to keep you a few extra minutes today! 🙂 Let’s get back to this first word, the first way to succeed in life and love.

I feel compelled to rewind just a wee bit to the truth I talked about last week, that my emotional and spiritual well-being are no longer wrapped up in my husband and/or my son. I don’t in any way mean to sound flippant when I profess this. I know that the need for love and acceptance, the desire to feel needed are forces within us that can steer us so far out of control, and can even blind us to this truth that once revealed, sparkles so brilliantly that darkness can no longer prevail.

As I write this, I can’t help but see the faces of several women I know who are in such a downward spiral in their search for love that their behavior is nearly unrecognizable, as if something else is controlling their choices; someone else is controlling their attitudes. Oh, Father, help me to paint a picture with words that describes this for them.

It’s coming . . . I’ve got it. Come with me!

Imagine this with me: A room that is dark, not a speck of light shining through the closed door, but through it I can hear someone moaning as if in pain, and yet, it sounds – sad, that’s it; the pain is coming from her heart. The sound is almost guttural. I put my hand on the handle to open the door, but I’m incredibly hesitant to do so and intrude into her pain. I take my hand off, but something tells me I must go inside.

I open the door and the light from the hall lessens the darkness and I am able to see a shadow of a woman on the ground, literally crawling on her hands and knees. She’s saying something but the words are lost in the moaning that is turning into crying. Let me get a little closer.

She’s so entwined in her pain that she doesn’t hear me or see me, but then again, the room is dark enough to cover my shadow that is getting closer to her. I can literally feel the pain and bitterness all around the room and it is almost suffocating. What is she saying?

“Where is –“sobs choke the rest of the sentence and since she seems unaware of my being there, I bend down about six inches away from her, and I am now on all fours, so close to her and I am overwhelmed by the spirit of pain that is hovering closely around her and threatening to send me crashing clear out of the room.

I am so close that I can now see her tears and I want so much to reach out and wipe them but her voice stops me. Once again the depth of her pain renders me speechless. “I just –“(more moaning) “—want some- — someone to – (sobs) –to love mm- — me, don’t want to – to be – be alone.”

I wish I could say that I help her up and wrap my arms around her and pray over her and she is whole again, no longer dependent on others for her emotional and/or spiritual well-being. Tragically that is not the case, and while this may seem a bit dramatic, the truth is that this kind of pain is a daily companion for many. In fact, that was me many, many years ago, blinded by my need yet driven by it to a destination unknown, a destination driven by desperation.

Would you join me in praying for those who are lonely, stuck in a cycle that is spiraling deeper and deeper into their need for love? Pray that the eyes of their hearts would be open to the love of Christ, the ONLY love that satisfies that need to give and receive love, the need to be accepted. Pray that their spiritual and emotional well-being would come to rest on and in Him. Oh, how He longs to be the lover of their soul, and yours, too!

We’ll get back to more of the definitions in this first word/way to succeed in life and love.


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One Response to “Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Absolutely joining you in prayer for these beautiful hearts. I also remember when someone spoke these words to me, “I can hear your heart crying.”, and it changed my life and helped me find my way out of that pit. So, I too, am reaching out with my Holy Spirit person to let these know that God hears your cries and He cares and will never leave you alone and without a light to find your way. Be of good cheer our Father God is here for us all!