Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love-Step 2- From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Hey, thanks for stopping by for our coffee hour and more on “Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love.” We are still on the second step, but hopefully, I can wrap it up today and we can move on to step 3! 🙂

So I gave an example of something not so good that we unknowingly commit ourselves to, and yet there are so many other things. The reality of it is that if we have some bad habits, hurts and hang-ups, subconsciously we’ve committed to them; they don’t just appear. For example, addictions range in size and substance, but are never physically, emotionally or spiritually healthy for us and yet, the more we feed them, the more committed we become to them. These are the kind of commitments we need to break free of!

Take a few minutes and think about this: What are some things that we unknowingly have committed to that aren’t so good for us? Please, whatever you do, don’t let the devil’s tool of shame come raining down on our revelation right now, or even later, either. This is just the appointed time for you and me to learn about these things so we can be free to commit to things and people that will be good for us. 🙂

Let’s go back to that question, are you committed to something, or someone, that is physically, emotionally and spiritually good for you? Let’s think of some positive ways to commit to something for our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

So real quick like, because I know we’ve spent so long on this second step, but then again, each step leads to the next and the better we know the preceding steps, the easier it will be to move forward! Starting with physical, if we were to watch over with intensity – I’m getting a picture of an ice-hockey game and the goalie who twists, turns, delves and dives to prevent the puck from coming in! If we were to treat what we eat like a puck, and only the stuff that’s good for us makes it into the cage, that would be a great commitment for our physical well-being.

And just off the top of my head, I can give us a double-hitter application for our emotional and spiritual well being; that if we were to watch over with intensity to see that we practice this one little thing, we would be wiser in choosing whom and what we commit to, and be stronger and better at keeping them. Did you know that the Bible is the greatest self-help book that is committed to helping us commit! Practice taking in a little of it each day – a little dab will do you – and don’t be intimidated so easily by this task. Just show up to partner up (resolve) and ask Him to help you understand what you read. Trust me; the scripture you do read will come alive!

When we resolve, partner with the Holy Spirit, to commit, that will inevitably take us to the next step . . .

We’ll pick up there on Monday. Don’t forget to join me for Power Friday!

Joyfully committed


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