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Happy Wednesday! Whew, the week’s about halfway over and I’m sure the second half will fly by faster than the first, especially because I’ll be on the record all day today and tomorrow on a big case. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to step 2 in the Five Steps to Succeed in Life and Love.” 🙂

As I have mentioned, the word “commit” only shows up in the Old Testament as it relates to the commitment of sin; consequently I think that may be why the negative color gets splashed on this important step in succeeding in life and love. Now let’s move to the Greek – the New Testament – definition for the word commit. Trust me; this definition splashes every bit as beautifully in color as the Hebrew definitions does. 🙂

The Greek concordance translates “commit” as follows: “Not just to believe, but also to be persuaded of; to place confidence in, and signifies in this sense of the word, ‘reliance upon.’” Whew, but that’s a mouthful! Let’s start with the first bite so we can really digest it properly. 🙂

We’ll begin with a spiritual principle, for example, becoming a Christian. When we come to that point of in our life where we recognize the reality of the necessity of a Savior and we surrender and commit to allowing Him into our heart and life, we no longer just believe – for even the demons believe – but we have become persuaded that we need a help bigger than us and we have come to believe the truth of God sending His one and only Son to bridge the gap that separated us from eternal life and eternal damnation.

Each new day brings challenges to that commitment to Christ and living the Christian life, but the more we show up and partner up with the Holy Spirit the more we come to rely upon – which is another part of the definition for commit – Him.

When we watch over with intensity this first commitment, we gain guidance when it comes to who and what to commit to. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but this word “commit” is losing its negative sting and I am really enjoying the power of commitment.





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