Five ways to Succeed in Life & Love-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour and thanks for sharing this time with me. I never know who’s going to come by, but the crazy thing is He does! So grab your coffee and come on in for step number 3 of the Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love.

I have had such an amazing time of research combined with life experience as far as these five steps go and I don’t know why I am so blown away by their inspired order, and the fact that one step leads to the next!

Remember, our first step is to show up and partner up with the Holy Spirit; that’s true resolve. It takes resolve to successfully maneuver to and through what and whom we commit to, which is the second step, commit. Remember, part of that definition is watching over with intensity, so as to protect and not control. 🙂

We all know that our commitments definitely can bring us to our knees at times, which is our next step in succeeding in life and love, which is to pray! This is probably the easiest of the five steps, and yet not any less important. But for some reason, we neglect to do this; we play tug of war as we wrestle to make this a daily habit.

Some people are very intimidated by this four-letter word, but let me give you a happy spin with an acronym that may make this a get-to versus a have-to.

Praise-Find things to thank Him for because a thankful heart opens many doors!

Repent-Means to turn your back on what you know to be wrong; ask for His help

Ask- verbalize your concerns and your sorrows, your dreams and your passions.

Yield-trade your agenda for His; I guarantee, His is better!

Join me tomorrow for more on step 3 and don’t forget to pray today!



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