Five Ways to Succeed in Life & Love-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for coming by for Coffee Hour today! Grab your coffee and let’s go with an eager heart to learn more about the five ways to succeed in life and love and that’s in the right order, by the way! 🙂

Our first word in this series is resolve, which has few definitions; all of them are pretty significant in order to succeed in life and love. This next one says that resolve means: to cause to find a solution to; to decide, determine and/or agree to a specific course of action.

Look again at those last three words, “course of action.” What do you see? I am excited to tell you that this means this is a process! The issues and struggles of life and love have absolutely NO – uh-huh, that means ZERO – microwave solutions! That begs the truth that we must let go of the microwave mentality. Most of our “Issues” don’t’ just happen at the snap of a finger; therefore it’s reasonable to expect they won’t just go away with a snap of the finger either.

Have you ever met a couple that’s been married for a long time, ten or more years would qualify – and ask them how do they do it? I have, and every time the answer has had the word “work” in it. In other words, a good relationship doesn’t just happen; it’s a process that involves resolve, which again, is partnering with the Holy Spirit. Left to ourselves, we can definitely make a mess of life and love, but when we show up, shut up and partner up with Him, we begin the process of succeeding at and in life and love.

Before I let you go today, let me give you the medical dictionary definition for the word resolve, which definitely adds clarity and solidarity to the other definitions: resolve: to return to intended condition/to normal. Oh, don’t you see the diamond in that definition?

Finish our time today with what your understanding is of your intended condition, keeping in mind His intended condition and His normal for you.

Excited for our success,



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