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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to our WOW. If this is your first time, you may want to look at yesterday’s blog so you don’t feel like you’re jumping into the middle of our coffee hour. Grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

We’re hanging out at the dinner table, aka the Last Supper with Jesus as He’s giving them and us some last-minute words of encouragement and some advice that is actually a matter of abundant life or spiritual death. He’s told us that in HIM, we can have peace. DETOUR AHEAD!

We need to figure out what the definition and context is for the way He uses “peace,” so I’ll go to my handy-dandy Strong’s Exhaustive Greek and Hebrew Concordance to get us that answer.

OMG, the word “peace” is mentioned 430 times and the subject of peace, being peaceable, et cetera, is another 20-something times so more than 450 references to this subject. Hmm, I think He wants this “peace” to root in our hearts, don’t you? 🙂

As I scan down for the number that references our WOW, I am able to see that there are several definitions, depending on the verse and the context and it just confirms the fact that there are so many hidden treasures in His Word. Okay, let me get to ours, though. Holy Toledo, I just got some major goose bumps. The Greek translation is “eirene” and its word root comes from the primary verb “eiro” which means to join! STOP! Didn’t He say, “in Me?” So this kind of peace is only found by joining our hearts with His, abiding in Him. 🙂

Okay, moving on. The definitions are: “(at) one again” – see, there’s the joining – “the harmonious relationship between God and man” (us) – this kind of peace is only found in relationship with HIM — “the sense of rest and contentment consequent thereon.

So then, that confirms that the kind of peace that He told us about at the Last Supper is found by hanging out with Him and getting to know Him. Now let’s get to the rest of the verse. In these next words, it’s almost like He’s giving us a snapshot, a movie clip of what’s going to happen as well as a warning: “In the world you will have tribulation” (trials) – STOP!

See, He’s letting us know that yes, bad things will happen to good people, to you and to me whom He considers friends — but we don’t need to behave as though He’s abandoned us! I know sometimes it can feel as though He’s not paying any attention to what’s happening in your life or mine and our immediate response is to react, kind of like a toddler who is so content on the floor, playing, making happy sounds as mom watches within her view. As soon as mom is out of her vision, she begins to whine and then if that doesn’t bring the shadow of mommy back, then she begins to full-on cry. Oh, that I would quit having fits and trust that He’s right there, even when I can’t see!

Now, “tribulation” translates to “thlipsis” in Greek and primarily means “a pressing, pressure,” anything which burdens the spirit, and is often accompanied by anguish! 🙁 Well, that doesn’t sound like fun, and it isn’t if we get stuck there. The good news is we don’t need to stay stuck on tribulation(s)!

Before we move on to the easier part of the verse to digest, let me also just share something with you that I just learned about tribulations. The definition for the word root for tribulation is actually a sort of sifting machine, a machine that goes and sifts the bad from the good by applying pressure! Oh, wow, there’s so much meat in that little piece but I’ll save it for the answer to that tough question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

So, getting back to the rest of the verse, “. . . You” (plural ‘you’) “will have tribulations, but” — and this one is a big one, too 🙂 — “but be of good cheer” – in other words, chillax; it’s all gonna be okay. 🙂 Why can I say that? Truthfully, I forget a lot of the time that it is all gonna be okay and that He’s promised what He’s promised so that’s why we need to look at the rest of this verse because if we truly digest this last part here and let it melt in our heart, not in our head, we will be able “to be of good cheer. . . I have overcome the world.”

See, it’s already done. He didn’t say I will overcome the world; He said, “I have overcome the world!” What an amazing truth to let melt in our heart! 🙂 We are in this world, not of this world. This is a temporary dwelling place and the things that have eternal value are the things we should be entwining our hearts with and investing our energy in. Forgetting that He’s already overcome our problems produces an energy leak that gets filled up with stress, anxiety and worry. Plug the leak with this promise!

I can almost smile as I imagine what He does when He looks upon me and sees me crying with frustration, anxious with panic as I forget that I’m not really in control, and then when I pick up that broom and hop on, He gently but abruptly brings me to a stop and reminds me: It’s already done; it’s already won!

I don’t know about you, but I so need this reminder to reside in my heart, especially when I’m in the thick of life, trying to move forward but having a hard time finding my way from all the pressures, and yet, needing to be pressed so that anything that is not of Him would not remain in me.

Loving His promises,



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