Giddy-Up Ears March’s WOW From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome and greetings to you! Thanks for joining me today on your break for more of our WOW, Words of wisdom and weapons of warfare. Grab your coffee and come on in. We have some more knots to add to our string of faith.

This month’s WOW, has so many nuggets and I’ve been pondering how to best uncover them so you may experience with your heart and mind the brilliance they will cast on even your darkest of days. Let’s get started with – oops, I meant to tell you something else about the analogy I gave you with the piece of yarn and the knots. It’s a “red” strand because from Genesis all the way through to Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is the reality of the blood of Jesus shed for you and me that will bring us into eternity. Okay. Now, let’s go get into this month’s words of wisdom (WOW).

These words come from James and they’re even more powerful when we understand a bit of James’ history. I’ll spare you a major history lesson and just give you some important facts that will add color to this WOW: Jesus was his brother! Yep, that’s right, and up until the time that Jesus, his brother, willingly went to the cross, there isn’t a whole lot said about James and his relationship with his brother, our Savior. It isn’t until Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and ascension that James comes to the stage and he makes quite an entrance as an incredibly important part of the foundation of and for First-century Jewish Christians and for us, too!

Look at these last two words, “Jewish Christians.” Oh, that we would fully grasp the beauty in this kind of conversion, which was and is nothing short of a miracle. See, there was a whole lot of persecution going on because of Jesus and this new theology, this new plan which represented the New Covenant. The news of the Gospel was spreading and people were going absolutely crazy with confusion.

For a Jew to convert to Christianity is like a Christian converting to Judeaism, which would be a Christian living and abiding under the Old Covenant, without the New. Don’t get me wrong; many believing Christians do live their life that way, trying to be good and obeying all the rules; they are like the Jew still looking for the Messiah, missing a huge piece of the puzzle, dazed and confused.

Those historical facts add so much power to his letters. Let’s look at the first part of our WOW: James 1:19a-“So then, my beloved brethren, let every man/woman be swift to hear, slow to speak” – STOP!

That right there was a mouthful! How many of us hurry up to listen and slow up to speak? I don’t know about you, but I didn’t raise my hand because often, it’s the opposite; hurry to speak and slow to listen!



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