Giddy-Up Ears-March WOW-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Greetings, my blog buddies, and friends. 🙂 Can you believe it’s March 1st? Holy Smokes – oops, that was last month’s WOW, Words of Wisdom and Weapon(s) of Warfare, and here we are ready for a new one! Whew, grab your coffee and hurry before the month is gone!

About mid January, I began a women’s Bible study with our new church. I was so excited about it for a couple of reasons: First, the study is led/directed by Beth Moore who will always be special in my heart for the way she has inspired me to dig in His Word; the second, reason I was excited was because I finally have a desire, inspired by how safe I feel at our new church, to get involved with the women’s ministry. Anyway, the study is entitled, “Mercy Triumphs,” and it is the study of James.

The crazy thing is that I am also taking a class to satisfy my desire to get deeper in the Word, as well as have the ability to answer those tough questions in ministry and finally, to satisfy my almost-expired CEU’s required to maintain my national license as a court reporter; the class is entitled: English 175, Literature of the Bible! 🙂 Is that ever cool or what? The name of our textbook is: Introduction into the Three Worlds of the Bible. I’ll explain that title in another blog but let me just say, I am getting the Word from all kinds of angles and I’m about to have a brain burp! 🙂

I began this class somewhat confidently as I reminded myself that this would be taught from a “worldly” perspective, and that no matter what they try and teach me, the way our God has worked in my life can never be changed by textbook knowledge!

Before we go any further, I must share this picture that keeps coming to my own life and may I lovingly ask you to apply it to yours as well? 🙂 Imagine with me a long piece of red yarn, oh, maybe seven feet or so, and at one end is a big, tight knot. First, the yarn is our faith and that knot represents the first day of our eternal life; in other words, the first day we acknowledged Him as our Savior and accepted His gift of grace, secured our spot in Heaven. As we look past the first knot, we begin to notice that there are smaller knots making their way up the strand of red yarn.

What do they represent? Every time a truth from the Bible resonates in our soul and thereafter becomes relevant in our own life and proves true, we tie a knot in that red strand of yarn. And every time we come through a circumstance with a touch from God, we tie another knot in our strand of faith. When we resist temptation by reciting His Words, we tie another knot in our string of faith! This is why we do these WOWs! 🙂

Now imagine with me that seven-foot strand of yarn completely filled with tiny, mighty knots, so many, we can’t even count them. What happens when the storms of life come and threaten to un-tie our faith? It can’t happen because of all the knots!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ll resume with this on Monday, but be sure and join me tomorrow for Power Friday!

Entwined with Him



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One Response to “Giddy-Up Ears-March WOW-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    I like the word picture of the yarn piece. I would venture to say it is a wonderful blessing to be a little “knotty” Ha! (pun intended)