Gift of faithfulness, cont.

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartHappy Wednesday to you! And thanks so much for joining me for our Coffee Hour and more of our shopping spree for the gifts that will not only take us through this New Year, but equip us to rise above the storms that will come our way with our eyes fixed upon the One who calms them and brings peace in spite of chaos. Grab your coffee and join me for a little reminiscing that has everything to do with this gift of faithfulness.

You know, Coffee Hour Friend, I can’t help but giggle as I do the whole re-wind thing as far as His faithfulness and my faithlessness! What’s so funny? Well, He and I began our relationship through coffee hours! He uses all things … and speaks to us in ways that speak specifically to us. The reality of that just fills my heart and I feel compelled to say to you, if you have never heard Him, or you’re not sure, the more you look for Him, the easier He is to find! He is so faithful …

I’ll always remember the coffee hour with Him just about twelve years ago when He spoke to me through journaling and revealed that He would be taking me out of the courtroom. I had just moved into a brand-new home, a home I had customized with upgrades galore, but I didn’t stop there! Nope; I asked Him if I could have my dream car too … and He made it happen! And then I heard this. I seriously didn’t know if it was Satan or Him.

I wrote what I thought I heard the first time, and in the days that followed, I heard it again and again until I threw up my arms and I surrendered. I told Him I trusted that He had my best interest in mind, trusted the plans He had for my life and I knew that I knew that He would work it all out for my good and His glory.

All I can compare that feeling of surrender to is soaring as if I had wings and His promises continue to motivate me to soar as with wings of an eagle even when I feel like falling instead of flying. Isaiah 40:31

It was a year later that he sent the guy He had for me … and now, here I am, all these years later, experiencing what it’s like to be married for over ten years – I’ve never done anything for ten years, let alone be married 🙂 — writing from my heart to yours for almost five, and basking in His faithfulness, marveling at His sovereignty.

Oh, but I keep feeling this nudge, reminding me of a way He had me share the whole faithfulness thing before, and so I just may have to share that with you before this shopping spree is over, but for now, let’s get to some ways you can gift, after you acknowledge and receive for yourself, this gift of faithfulness.

Did you know that your faithfulness is fueled by your faith? His Word tells us that it only takes faith the size of a mustard seed to accomplish His plans and purposes. Hmm, sounds too good to be true? Let me explain something, especially for my new Coffee Hour Friends.

mustard_seedSee, the mustard seed is tiny, comparable to a grain of pepper, and we tend to think, no biggie, that’s super small. What we need to understand is the purity aspect, not just the small size. See, the mustard seed is the only seed that cannot be cross-pollinated to become something else. Feed your faith with the things of God and you won’t run the risk of believing false doctrine, buying into philosophies that are not scriptural and getting spiritually derailed, which would make everything else derail!

So who in your life needs your faithfulness? Who needs to know that you are standing in the gap for them, trusting, believing and praying on their behalf? Are you faithful in your friendships, honest and real, or do you wear many faces, depending on who you’re with? When a friend does something that offends you, do you mentally push them into the “unwanted” closet, or onto the “I’ll deal with that later” shelf? And later never comes …

Those of you married, I guarantee you that our husbands need our pure faith, our faithfulness and faith-ing in prayer for them, our faith-ing to be their cheerleader as they strive to provide and be all that God has called them to be. You can either change together or grow apart! They need our faithfulness to show them respect, to stay committed in covenant. We cannot be faith-ing if not abiding with the giver of faith. We will run out of ourselves.

So that’s a wrap for this gift! Join me tomorrow for our next and final gift for our shopping spree, and trust me when I say it’s such a good one, one that makes a whole lot of trouble easier to walk through. Oh, and do me a favor: bring a red strand of yarn about twenty-four inches long to our Coffee Hour tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did!


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