The gift of faithfulness

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartHappy New Year, my Coffee Hour friend! It’s so good to bring in the year with you, shopping! Not just any kind of shopping, friend, but shopping for those gifts that will actually shape us while blessing others! These gifts are not of this world but, oh, how we need to have them to live in this world, which is why we are still on this shopping spree! These gifts will take us to and through our new year, if we stay shopping. Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t mean to suggest that we would be on this shopping spree/blog all year; there’s so many other things to talk about, but this will definitely be a great way to start our Coffee Hours for the New Year. Grab your coffee and come on in for today’s shopping spree: the gift of faithfulness!

I hope that you are enjoying this shopping spree and will make it one of your resolutions to abide in these gifts so you may gift these gifts to those whom He puts in your path each and every day. What a difference it could make in your life and theirs, to be faithful in and with these gifts!

Did you know that the gift of faithfulness is a living, Divinely-implanted principle? We receive this gift when we experience a personal surrender to Him, and it is characterized by a conduct that is inspired by such surrender certainty, trust-worthiness. In other words, when we put our faith in Him, we are more equipped to remain faithful … in all things … faithful in our tithes of time and money to our Provider, faithful in our relationships to be more selfless and less selfish, faithful in our efforts to seek Him for answers to tough questions, guidance for difficult choices, power to overcome temptation. Go ahead; think of some other areas where faithfulness is required.

Sure, I know; it all sounds good, but putting this gift of faithfulness into action is easier said than done.

Let’s look, for just a moment, at one of the first acts of faithfulness that we experience in His Love Letters to us is in the story of Abraham. I love what the Hebrew concordance says Abraham as it relates to this gift: “The reason for Abraham’s faith/faithfulness was not God’s promise to him, but it was the motivation for its exercise.”  See, Abraham wasn’t faithful to God because what God could do for him; but it was his love for God that inspired his faithfulness.shopping_spree

I keep hearing something my co-author wrote in the curriculum we finished just a few months ago, Transform, An In-depth Study to the Roots of any Wound, Weakness and/or Worry, and we were discussing the Root of Confusion and faith. I hope these words work like a flashlight in your searching and shopping for this gift of faithfulness:

“Let’s start by recognizing that there are volumes of books written on the idea of faith; therefore, my comments will be based on the ‘idea’ of the ‘exercise’ or ‘action’ of faith, not the ‘essence’ or ‘idea’ of faith.”

I realize that’s not too clear at this point, but hang in there with me and these words will bring us right back to the Hebrew Concordance statement as it relates to not just Abraham, but you and me as well!

“Faith in practice would require an understanding that what we’ve been doing isn’t working so we need people who have ‘practiced’ faith through obedience to God and His truths that have been used for some time in their lifetime. Through the mirror of their life, we can see why we’d want to do more of what God suggests because of the result of my ‘trusting’ Him in smaller tests of faith.

“God is conditional in this way: ‘you first, then Me.’ First you obey and trust and then I reveal Myself to you. In this, your faith, simple and pure, will grow. Trust first!! This concept is way outside most of our realm of what could make sense.”

Doesn’t that bring it back … to you, me and Abraham? So what small area in our life can we begin to be faithful in? When we receive the Giver of the gift of faithfulness, and are faithful to keep showing up to meet with Him, don’t be surprised when He shows you where He wants you to start!

Join me next week for the continuation of this shopping spree that will carry us into and through the New Year with the guarantee of the ability to give the gifts we’ve received to others!

Keep shopping …

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