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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Welcome back to our Coffee Hour and our shopping spree for gifts that affect not just the receiver, but the giver as well! Grab your coffee and let’s go un-wrap the gift of goodness, which, believe it or not, is a bit different from kindness and gentleness, but you can’t have or give the gift of goodness without the gift of kindness/gentleness. Again, it’s like a box within a box …

Goodness is defined in the Greek concordance as: a moral quality, which tells us that goodness is a thing, albeit not visible without the eyes of the heart. As a verb, goodness means to do well to the benefit of another.

Let’s explore this a bit more:

The difference between kindness and goodness is that goodness includes also the sterner qualities by which doing good to others is not always by gentle means! Ohhhh, that sure shines a different light! This kind of goodness includes some exhortation and exhortation means a calling to one’s side.

Oh, can’t you see that beautiful word picture? He calls us to His side, to walk with Him for our own protection, for direction. It is a call to pursue a course of conduct that refers to the future – and is always for our benefit — in contrast to comfort for a mistake, wrong choice after the fact.

I have to be honest: I don’t always enjoy His goodness in the midst of a little spanking, but I certainly do love it after the fact! Many times His goodness comes through the disguise of an unanswered prayer. Let me tell you all: there is no such thing as an unanswered prayer; His silence is mistaken for ignoring, but He reminds us in His Word that when we are seeking Him with our whole heart, His answers come. And it may not be within your time frame, but I know that I know that He’s never late, never early but ALWAYS on time, HIS time!

So how do we give the gift of goodness?  I think the first example for giving of this gift involves parenting. Whew, did I mess up with this one. The times I should have been mellowing something harsh were the times I was harsh-ing the mellow. In other words, we’ve got to find the balance between kindness and goodness when it comes to parenting so as not to cripple them with a sense of entitlement.

Nowhere in His Word does He say: Be your child’s BFF! They need a parent first. There’s a time to show kindness, and there’s a time to show goodness. How about that friend that you know is going down the wrong road; do you stand and watch or do you risk the friendship and call her to your side and encourage her to change direction?

If you are walking in His goodness, and do it in love, you won’t come out the loser. Who in your life needs some goodness today?

That’s a wrap for this gift!

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