The gift of kindness

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartCan you believe it; today, tomorrow, and poof, 2014’s gone! Whew, grab your coffee and come on in for some more shopping for gifts that keep on giving, gifts that will take us to and through the New Year! Let’s go un-wrap some kindness!

Have you ever been in a hurry, and because you were, you kept making silly mistakes, like forgetting something, or dropping things, or even become incredibly irritated? Well, just the other day, I went running into the post office, of course pretty close to closing time, needing to get my niece’s gifts to her and her family. Just picture this: a frantic person carrying a Priority Mail envelope ready to go and juggling six gifts while trying to struggle into the door, hot flashing, and struggling to breathe because her nose is completely plugged up, only to be stopped dead in her tracks by a line that went almost to the end of the building! “Dang, I can’t even play Solitaire on my phone because I don’t have any hands left” I muttered to anyone interested – no one responded!

The line was actually moving pretty good, and within five minutes, maybe even less, I was up to the table part of the waiting line and plopped the gifts I was juggling down with my other ready-to-go envelope, and turned around to find a box that would work.

To make what could be a long story short, within minutes there were three people helping me to find the right box, another person who let me use the roll of packing tape that the postmaster had lent her, a woman trying to cut the blasted tape away from the roll as the cutting edge wasn’t so cutting, and an older man, had to have been in his early 80s, holding the bottom of the box together so we could get it all taped and turned right side up so I could get the gifts in there!

Talk about kindness! I was so overwhelmed and blessed by the community effort to help … and then when I got up to the postmaster – they all know me in there – she said: I was trying to get your attention to let you know I have the perfect box for you that will cost you half as much!”

My mouth could have been counted as a flytrap as I stood there while she brought was indeed a perfect-sized box and took all six of the gifts out, placed them in the new box, taped it all up and put my label on it – I had actually completed the label before getting there! So not only was I shown kindness once, but twice … and in the same place!kindness

Oh, that makes me want to pay it forward! You know what I mean. Let’s look at this simple gift of kindness that was so Christ-like to me when it was put in action and I was the receiver!

The kind of kindness that Jesus is talking about here is actually also translated to gentleness. Oh, trust me, there was so much gentleness displayed through these four individuals that totally quieted my soul and my nerves!

As a noun, kindness means goodness of heart; it signifies not merely goodness as a quality, rather it is goodness in action, goodness expressing itself in deeds, yet not goodness expressing itself in indignation against sin, for it is contrasted with severity, but in grace (unmerited favor), tenderness and compassion.

Wow, there I was, about to pick up my broom and get on it … and, well, kindness entered in and pulled me back away from it!

As a verb, kindness/gentleness means to be kind and is “said of love.” So in other words, kindness is within the gift of love.  Hmmm, it’s like a gift within a gift, a box within a box!

I love how the Greek concordance describes this in greater detail: “This word refers not to a virtue of a person that encompasses only a person’s words and countenance; it refers to the virtue that pervades and penetrates the whole nature that mellows anything harsh and austere.”

Wow, I’ve experienced this firsthand! I mean I was coming into that post office like a bull fighting to get out of a china cabinet and I practically pranced out like a newborn reindeer!

It’s His kindness that keeps me from getting what I deserve time after time. It’s His kindness that has protected me from me, granting me life when I should have died; His kindness that extended another chance when I thought I had used them all up. And the crazy thing about His kindness is that it has no end. When we truly understand the depth of His kindness, it won’t ever be something that we take for granted!

Kindness when given mellows anything harsh. True kindness is without expectation, without a personal agenda and its motive must be pure. The only way to extend that type of kindness is with Him. When done with Him and for Him, it is powerful, and the reward is in the doing. Showing kindness to someone who has wronged and wounded you is an experience too beautiful for words. It is freeing.  Showing kindness to His prodigals will bring them back to the Father’s arms. Showing kindness to Godly people when they do ungodly things is a real spiritual muscle builder. Who in your life needs unmerited favor and needs to see His love in action through you?

Wrapped in His kindness,

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  1. Jenn says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.