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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for joining me for the second posting for this new series, “Gifts from the heart, not the pocket.” Grab your coffee and let’s get back to where we left off.

All this came about last year when we did a workshop on how to keep it “real” for the holidays. The more I learned about this season and the traditions surrounding it, the more I had to ask myself why I did what I did to celebrate the season. It was one of those powerfully poignant revelations for me as I rewound the memories in my mind and was appalled at my turbo-crazy, obsessive-compulsive frenzy that I put myself into every season. Could it be that before I could teach it, I had to learn it myself? 🙂

As I prepared for the workshop, I really wondered a few things: Is there really a balance to be found when it comes to decorating, shopping, baking, more shopping, more baking, more shopping, oh, and let’s not forget your other on-going responsibilities, you know, wife, mom, friend, sister, house cleaner, taxi-driver, cook, nurse, counselor, tutor . . . Really?

Whew, just thinking about the way I used to celebrate the season makes me turbo-tired! 🙂 🙂 And to think, I used to say I did it all in the name of Jesus! 🙁 Yikes!

To say that Jesus is the reason for the season is way out of context, because first of all, you may or may not know that Jesus wasn’t born anytime close to this time of year. We celebrate His birth at this time of year because hundreds of years ago, a Roman culture celebrated its major festival on the winter solstice and when Julius Caesar instituted a new calendar in Rome, the festival fell on December 25th. Thereafter, Pope Julius, I, chose this date for Christmas in order to replace the pagan tradition with a Christian one.

That brings me back to where we began today, about Christianizing the pagan traditions. Do we put more thought and energy into all of the traditions than we do into giving the true gifts of the season?

Join me on Monday for the continuation of this series, but do come back to Coffee Hour tomorrow for December’s WOW, Weapon of Warfare/Words of wisdom.



P.S. Happy, happy birthday to my beautiful daughter-in-love. I am blessed beyond words by the gift of you!


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