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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Happy Holidays to you! I hope you are truly enjoying the season and stressing less and less. Grab your coffee and come on in for some more gift ideas. 🙂

So we left off with the definitions of patience, which to me paints such a beautiful word picture. Remember, it means to wait for, tarry behind, abide under while waiting for, and perseverance. I’m going to tell on myself and how the definitions resonated in my heart to stay.

It was a Sunday morning and I had gone in my writing/quiet time room and my heart was heavy with frustration and a bit of anger, too. I was on an emotional break from my husband. I was so mad at him I wanted to . . . Well, you get the hint?

So I went into my quiet time and went to prayer over what was bothering me and then I began to do a word study to prepare for our upcoming workshop. When I first read the definitions for patience/longsuffering, I literally started to cry and I knew I was getting a gently spanking and a dose of conviction too. Abba was gently scolding me, telling me to wait for my husband to figure it out, to extend the gift of patience to him because that is what will help him figure it out sooner!

Well, then I started seeing other faces of women who are struggling in their marriages because their husbands aren’t getting it or figuring things out! Then there are other women I am encouraging who are in their unpacking process and sometimes it seems that they take two steps forward and then ten steps back. Oh, don’t they need the gift of patience. After all, haven’t I done the very same thing? Ministry in and of itself must be rooted in the gift of patience.

This word picture of abiding under while waiting for is absolutely beautiful. If we are abiding under His shelter, we will be able to wait for those that we are praying for to figure it out, to extend patience to them as they come face to face with some issues. This way we will avoid trying to be their Holy Spirit.

Who in your life needs the gift of patience?




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