Gifts from the Heart, Not the Pocket-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thanks so much for joining me for a break. We are about to find out how to get the gift, so grab your coffee and come on in! 🙂

So in order to receive this final gift, the outer layer that protects all the other gifts, it’s really simple but it’s a process. It’s not like you can wrinkle your nose like Samantha on Bewitched – oops, am I telling my age? 🙂 — and cast a spell of self-control upon yourself! 🙂 No, it’s consistently showing up and daily placing yourself under His authority and guidance and I know for me, since I had some serious trust issues and a bunch of junk in my trunk, the process has been longer to come to terms with the reality of the necessity of His love in my life, trusting that the plans He had for me were to build me up and give me a future, not to tear me down or harm me.

Whenever we try to do something in our own strength, that is striving and it’s like an energy leak that drains slowly. Sooner or later, there’s not going to be anything left to give. When He’s leading and I’m just showing up for directions, wow, what a difference, and what a thick layer of protection that makes all the other gifts not only sweeter, but easier to maintain while giving away.

Time after time, especially in ministry, I listen to sweet friends who are struggling and just want to quit, give up, live a different life, be a different person, are sad, depressed, tired of life, and I listen, empathizing when I honestly can, which is most of the time, and then I usually a few direct questions but they all have the same root: When’s the last time you and Abba hung out? Or, have you read any of His love letters to you lately? Or, have you gotten down on your knees lately and nurtured the one relationship that will never let you down?

Every single time, that is the missing piece to the puzzle they are trying to make happen in their life. Many sweet friends, sisters are not in fellowship and quite often that is because they’ve been hurt by someone, and as my good friend/counselor Steve says, we are not only wounded in relationships, but we are always healed through relationships. See, it’s not enough to say you believe, and that you pray in times of crisis. We need to be showing up for our daily dose of fruit/gifts so we don’t run out when it comes time to give them.

Join me tomorrow as we wrap up this series on some great ideas of who to gift this last gift to! 🙂



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