Gifts from the Heart, Not the Pocket-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thanks for staying in this series with me. It’s been a gift to me, un-wrapping all of these gifts and sharing what I’ve learned with you with the prayerful hope that you will possess and then give out all of these gifts. Grab your coffee and come on in. Let’s go get some ideas of who to give this final gift of self-control/temperance to. 🙂

Every day comes with at least one if not more opportunities to give self-control/temperance. Let me see if I can offer you some examples. You’re driving on the freeway and someone unexpectedly cuts you off. What do you do? Don’t we suddenly morph into someone we don’t recognize or someone we used to be? Now, when someone cuts me off, or flips me off — 🙂 — I just tell myself, “The last shall be first in heaven.” 🙂

How about when you are in the midst of a disagreement with the one you love and your temper is starting to rise like a fever? Wouldn’t that be a good time to give the gift of self-control? Easier said than done, but here’s something you can try: Remember, that two wrongs don’t make a right! That was actually from my mom whose dancing with Jesus in heaven now. Giving a little bit of self-control/temperance will be the equivalent of splashing water on the situation and cooling things off. Someone has to be the first to get stuck off of stupid! 🙂 It might as well be us, right? 🙂

Now for you moms, I know you will be able to relate to this one: That child who is absodarnlutely pushing your last button and just begging of a spanking could definitely use some self-control/temperance in exchange. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying don’t spank your child, but when you, know that a tempered spanking will speak much more positively in his or her little life than a spanking done out of anger.

What about an aging parent who has become someone you don’t recognize and don’t want to know? That’s a tough one! I’ve talked with several friends who have endured this tough trial, some better than others. I guarantee you this; that those who nurtured their relationship with their/our Heavenly Father came through it with little to no need of repair to their outer layer of protection, their self-control, than those who did not have or nurture that relationship that will never let us down.

Hopefully you are able to relate to at least one of those examples. Go ahead and finish our time with journaling an example of your own or one that you can relate to.

Entwined with the giver of the gifts . . .


P.S. May your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day bring memories to rejoice over, and none to regret! 🙂

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