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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for coming by today, the first day of a new series which I hope will lighten your burden as we enter into this “Holiday” season and give you a dose of perspective on keeping the stress out of your holidays and giving the true gifts of the season. Grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is being lied to and just last year I did a lot of research about the whole Christmas thing and discovered that while maybe it’s been under the guise of spreading good cheer, I have bought into the lies about many of the most popular traditions that I’ve adopted and taken part in. The truth is most of the traditions that we practice during the Christmas season are rooted in paganism.

Now I in no way mean to sound so pessimistic, just curious so I researched the whole paganism thing, too. I found that not only does pagan mean person with no religion, but pagans – who practice paganism — are persons having poly-theistic practices, meaning many gods, for example, the earth, moon, nature, on and on and on. How wild that paganism is erring in the direction of our new age movement! 🙁

Well, after learning about all of this, I was completely unsettled with myself and the traditions I had enjoyed all these years gone by, so much so that I had to ask myself, and I’ll ask you too, why do we do what we do at this time of year?

It’s time to get that truth scale out and weigh whether the traditions we do practice are erring on the side of paganism, or do we try to Christianize these traditions in the name of “Christ”?

Maybe it’s time to rethink why we do what we do . . .




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