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Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and Happy Friday to you! Thanks for joining me for a quick break. I’ve been making Friday’s kind of quick but since we still have two gifts to un-wrap in this series, I may keep you just a bit longer. Grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

So our next to the last gift to open is the gift of gentleness. As a noun, it denotes fairness, moderation, “sweet reasonableness.” I just love that last one. 🙂 The gift of gentleness also translates to meekness, which means power in control. “Gentleness/meekness does not insist on the letter of the law; it expresses reasonableness and wisdom from above.”

Picture a beautiful hutch full of your favorite crystal, china, trinkets. Well, I used to refer to myself as a bull in a hutch. I was so rough and abrasive and to this day, I must watch how I say things. See, I rarely experienced gentleness as a child; consequently, my view of God was not one of gentleness and meekness. I used to think He was up there playing Monopoly with my life.

In fact, early in my unpacking process, I used to harbor feelings of anger and frustration towards God, wondering why He didn’t stop the abuse I had endured as a child, that is until He showed me and told me that every time it happened, He wept. His timing of that revelation was when He knew I was ready to receive it. He didn’t force His way into my life. That was when my perception of Him began to change and I began to experience His sweet reasonableness. His gentleness/meekness is softening my rough edges and the image of me as a bull in a hutch only appears every now and then. 🙂 🙂 Yeah, God!

Do you see Him as your God of gentleness/meekness? The Bible says that He stands at the door of your heart and knocks; He doesn’t stand there kicking it or banging on it. Knocking implies that He waits and He won’t force His way in. He’s a gentleman with gentle and meek ways.

Since He didn’t force His way into my life or His ways into my life and heart, why should I force mine on others? Gentleness, when extended, is a gift that has the power to change hearts and lives. There are so many examples of who to give this gift to, which will also reveal how we’ve received it: To the children He entrusts us to parent. Gentleness/meekness is vital to the wellbeing of the child in his or her present and in their future. With the one we say we love, our significant other, spouse, the more we extend the gift of gentleness/meekness, the more “other-centered” we become and the more successful the relationship is. The workplace is another area that needs our gentleness/meekness, especially if you are a supervisor over others. Good leaders are those that lead with gentleness/meekness.

What about those who are living a lifestyle so contradictory to His word, a lifestyle that goes against everything you know to be true and you shudder at the train wreck that they are making of their lives? Are we to extend gentleness and meekness to them, too? Absodarnlutely!

Let me leave you with one more thought, while we’re on this subject: Yes, immorality is being crammed down our throats in the educations system, in the workplace. In fact, almost everywhere we look, morality is slipping down a slippery slope. Do we need to chase those deceived down that slippery slope, demanding that they change, or do we need to stand firm in our gentlenss/meekness, staying true to our convictions without grieving the Holy Spirit by trying to play Holy Spirit?



P.S. Thanks for staying longer with me today. Enjoy the weekend, and your Christmas . . . We’ll wrap up this series next week. 🙂


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