Gifts of the Season, From the Heart, Not the Pocket-From Coffee Hour @ Chickilt Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thanks for joining me today for a little cup of encouragement. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So how can we give joy, especially if it’s something that is within us? Well, first let me say that joy is contagious! 🙂 Have you ever been around a joyful person? I have and I can say this: If you have a heart that is willing to change and not stay stuck on bitter or mad or angry, then you will catch the gift of joy! Joy moves from the inside out and because it works like this, it is not loud and haughty but subtle, quiet, sweet. Joy rejoices with others when they win, succeed, prosper, and true joy is not envious. Don’t get me wrong. Little knocks of envy threaten to bang down the doors of our heart often, but the joy within us refuses to let envy in! Joy within us lifts a friend up in times of trouble. Joy can lighten a heavy heart.

Who do you know that is heavy-hearted? Depressed? Joy is the light that chases the dark away.

This would be a good place to end today, but would you mind if I kept you a little longer and shared another gift with you?

This next gift is one that all of us want: Peace! The word peace is in the Bible 237 times and it has a range of definitions. I’m thinking that He wants us to understand His desire for us to have peace. These definitions are absolutely beautiful and create such sweet word pictures that I hope you will be able to see once you have read this. The first mention of peace is in Genesis and it translates to “at ease” or “unharmed,” yet the expressed root meaning is “being whole.” Isn’t that beautiful? 🙂

The Hebrew word for peace is “Shalom” and it also translates to the desired state of our soul and mind which encourages our overall development. This being “at ease” is achievable both internally and externally! So in other words, even when there is chaos in your world, externally, you can be at ease internally. I just love that He desires this for us! It’s another form of cooperation with the Lord! Wow, I just realized how one gift leads to the next! Joy leads to peace, and vice versa. 🙂

How can we receive peace? First we must begin the process of becoming whole. See, we all have a God-sized hole in our hearts that only He can fill. Only He can give a peace that transcends all understanding, a peace that guards our hearts and minds. The more we show up, the more the broken pieces of our lives become whole. When we can be “at ease” internally and externally in the midst of meeting life on life’s terms, then we are truly possessing the gift of peace. And once we possess it, we can give it!

Join me tomorrow for some gift suggestions for peace.




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