Gifts of the Season, From the Heart & Not the Pocket From Coffee HOur @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for joining me for more on The Gifts of the Season, from the heart and not the pocket. Grab your coffee and come on in. We’re about to finish up the gift of love.

So, agape love is not to be confused with other types of love like familial, romantic or friendship. See, these are more of a strong emotional attachment to and a desire either to possess or to be in the presence of the object/person.

Agape love is also not to be confused with phileo, which is more of a tender affection and here’s the biggie: it’s conditional!

Agape love, also described as true Christian love, whether exercised toward a fellow believer or toward others in general is not an impulse from the feelings! It doesn’t always run with the natural inclination, nor does it limit itself to just those we receive love from. Nope, this type of love seeks the welfare of all. This type of love seeks opportunity to do good, even to those who we feel don’t deserve it!

It’s interesting that these gifts begin with the gift of love. Join me tomorrow and I’ll give you a couple examples of how to receive this gift of love and then how to give it out, because we all know in order to give something out, you have to possess it first, right?

In His loving Spirit,



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