Green with Envy-April’s WOW-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

1st Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have

Strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through

With many sorrows.

Thanks so much for joining me today for our Coffee Hour and our monthly WOWWords of Wisdom and/or Weapons of Warfare. I love this time of the month, when I become even more transparent through the mirror of His Word. Grab your coffee and come on in.

Oh, how I realize more than ever the sensitivity of this word money and that’s for a couple of reasons: First, our financial situation is changing dramatically, and not on the plus side, at least not monetarily! And yet, I’ve learned long ago that whatever blessings I receive monetarily are not mine anyway for I am but the manager, so to speak, for any and all provision. It’s not how much we make, but how we spend it. 🙂

I’ve said from the beginning of this writing journey, I’m not doing this for money. Let me share with you, I am certainly being tested in this claim and yet, all around me is the love of money often mistaken for the need of money and the only way to avoid becoming like that is to be refined by the Refiner’s fire through testing.

This month’s WOW rose to the surface of my heart because of a case that I reported for two weeks, but there was something else that happened recently that shines light of understanding on this scripture and I’m going to use it as sort of a springboard that will take us to the day that the saying “green with envy” became so real within me that I come close to puking whenever I dare rewind the recent days of my life! 🙂 🙁 🙂

I think it’s important to share with you that in the background of all these events, I’ve been participating in a women’s study called Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore and based on the book of James and at the time all these things are happening in my life, we just so happened – not by chance – to be in Chapter 5, which is all about money, priorities, putting your faith to work by helping others in their time of need.

Okay. So just a few days ago, we – my mom and me – did the final, final proofing of “Back to Single!” I say that with a smile on my face and if you knew how many times we’ve already gone through it . . . Anyway, when I had gotten the book in the mail, one of the first things I noticed as I turned it over was the price they had placed on it just above the ISBN number. It caught my eye and stayed stuck in my heart and I felt this sense of uneasiness. Anyway, when Jocelyn, my assistant and I were submitting all of the corrections, we got to the back cover, highlighted a couple of things, changed a sentence, and then we highlighted the ISBN number and the price of $26.99 — yeah, that’s right! And it’s not even a hardback! The explanation for the correction read something like this: “You’re kidding, right? I am not a N.Y. Best Selling Author, and even when I am, I won’t charge this kind of money!”

So we sent the corrections back and went on to the next thing. Blake, the layout designer, acknowledged that he had received the file and said he’d get the corrections done and back to me for final approval that night. When they didn’t arrive in my e-mail that evening or the next morning, I sensed something was up.

Please join me tomorrow and I promise to reveal how 1st Timothy 6:10 relates to this particular situation, and then we can move on to where I didn’t test so positively and became green with envy! 🙂



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