Happy Anniversary

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…


EL pen Logo with heartWelcome to a special Coffee Hour. You know, I don’t think it’s ever easy to let go of loved ones, but when you lose someone during the holiday season, it just glistens with a bittersweet squeeze on the emotions. The bitter timing of not having our loved one(s) to share this incredibly special season mixes with the sweet hope we have in Christ when we know that we know our loved one(s) awaits in eternity.  Four years ago today, my mom, who I did not have a relationship with until the last three weeks of her life went on to eternity. (That’s such a beautiful story to read in A Cup of Encouragement and A Cup of Hope for the Day – and I’m so “Happy to be Sad”) Today I’d like to wish her from the depths of my soul a happy anniversary. If you’ve lost a loved one, I hope this fills you with that sweet hope and anticipation at the homecoming!

When you left to be with our Savior, it was a day that I will never forget

I was preparing to bring you home with me; but your time had been set

I’ll never forget the joy that spread all over your face

As you were letting go of this life and leaving this place

You cried out to your mom, you must have seen her there

It squeezed my heart, thinking of our future family affair

Knowing you were going to the arms of Jesus helped me to let you go

But I wanted much more time to share things I wanted you to know

How ironic that what you yearned for from me for all of those lost years

I finally gave you in those last three weeks as we worked through some fearslove

        You wanted the gift of my time; you were tired of being so lonely

      And all those years I truly thought you wanted nothing to do with me

But in your final three weeks, we uncovered some of the old buried pain

Washing it away with love and forgiveness proved there was much to gain

That first week was one of the toughest weeks in all of my life

It was filled with confusion, pain and anger; anguish and strife

But then as the world’s junk left your body and you became His original creation

I was filled with an incredible hope as I witnessed your gradual transformation

Oh, Mom, will you ever know how thankful I am for all that we shared

Are you up there realizing now how I’ve always truly and deeply cared?

Do you hear me when I whisper “I miss you Mom, and I wish you were here”?

Do you tap Jesus on the shoulder, cheering me on as I overcome an old fear?

And do you see me smile when I go to the kitchen and my thoughts are of you

Because I remember cooking and baking were always your favorite things to do?

And every now and then a song will remind me of you and grab me

I’ll stop and I can just hear you up there singing its beautiful melody

How does it feel to be completely healthy, whole and eternally happy?

Is there dancing up in heaven, and if so are you dancing with Our Daddy?

Is it true there’s no sorrow, no pain, nothing to remind you of your old life here?

And oh, I’d love to know what it’s like to live life completely absent of all fear!

I love that you’re no longer lonely; you’re now experiencing His unfailing love

I wonder if you see how often I raise my eyes, my voice to you there above

I’m so happy for you, that you are pain free physically and emotionally

I’m so very grateful for the hope of heaven, life’s only true guarantee

That ushers in a strong motivation for me to live life towards heaven

Knowing someday, one day, He’ll bring me home and I’ll see you again

So while you are there and I am here, I pray that you’re able to see

A life lived for Jesus as I continue to learn to love unconditionally

Every year that goes by just means I’m one more year closer to seeing you

Oh, that my life would reflect that I’m heaven bound in everything I do

Happy anniversary, Mom; you once were lost, but now you’re found

You’re now in the arms of Jesus where His love does truly abound

Missing you …

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One Response to “Happy Anniversary”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Happy Anniversary to your Mom. I miss my Momma so much, especially her hugs. She loved me when I did stupid things and comforted me when those things bit me. She was always there with her shoulder and arms open. I was truly blessed to have her for almost 80 years and you are right there never is a long enough stay here for us. Praise God we have forever to be back with them one of these days. Nothing could be better then having CHRISTmas with Christ! Imagine. 🙂