He Doesn’t Use Band-Aids! (August WOW) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome to our August WOW! I can’t believe July is already gone. I know as I look back on the month, there have been a lot of sweet victories among us, a couple of very sad losses, a miracle or two, and a couple of lessons learned. Grab your coffee and let’s go chat about some words of wisdom which are weapons of warfare for us to use for this new month. 🙂

As I look back to when my journey with Him began, I can see this month’s WOW come to life even more and its truth ties another knot in my string of faith. Our weapons of warfare just happen to tie into the new series we just started entitled “He’s a housekeeper, too?” I don’t believe in coincidences as much as I believe in God-incidences. 🙂

August’s WOW comes from the book of Ezekiel and it is not only a promise, but a prophecy, and though it is directed to Israel, it is incredibly relevant for you and me. See, Israel had blown it big, just like we do today. They had become insensitive to sin and were running amuck and the nation was a mess. Sound familiar? These words contain a promise of the New Covenant, which is why I say this verse is not just for Israel, but for you and me.

How many of us have literally fallen and been hurt physically? Lots of us, right? If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve cleaned and nursed a few skinned knees and elbows, kissed a few boo-boos and wiped away many tears. Not too long ago, my six-year-old grandson was over and he had a pretty good fall and scraped his foot so bad it bled. He’s a lot like my son because the minute he sees blood, he panics. This day was no different. He hit his emotional panic button and the tears burst forth powered by the screams.

I wrapped my arms around him and carried his long and lanky body upstairs to take care of his latest child battle wound. He kept resisting my cleaning it, but finally, after several attempts and promises that it would only sting for a minute, he let me clean it. I pressed the little cleaning gauze with peroxide gently down on his scrape and then applied a bit of pressure, and as soon as I saw his eyes go wide, I leaned down and blew little huffs of love on the area that was wounded. That seemed to fascinate him and calm him at the same time, somewhat, that is until I pulled out the Band-Aid and then he really threw a fit. “I don’t want you to cover it up,” he cried in full force again while the tears began to stream down his face once more.

Oh, how I can relate to those child-like tears as I look back and remember when I started meeting with Him consistently and He began to reveal some things in me that needed to be cut out, some wounds that needed to be dressed and addressed and not covered up, spiritually speaking. Emotionally, I was like my little grandson, so scared that it was going to hurt, so afraid to let go and yet so miserable hanging on.

I’m so thankful He wasn’t swayed by my temper tantrums, my fits of fears and tears where I just knew it was going to be painful. He didn’t just cover it up; He cleaned it all out so there was no need for a Band-Aid, i.e., an addiction, a bad habit, anything that replaced the True Healer’s intervention in my life.

Instead, He made good His promise and this promise has been a process and His word confirms this over and over again. Oh how true it is that His Word is alive and active! 🙂 I love how it splashes reality and perspective on and in our life. These words are like a healing salve that He speaks to any and all of His wounded children, not just to the children of Israel or the nation of Israel.

Go with me now to Ezekiel 36:26 (NKJV) “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh (body) and give you a heart of flesh.”

He just needs you to show up and He will replace that hard heart, and though there may be times where you will struggle with the fear and just the whole process, know that He will be faithful to clean out all the infection, anything that needs to go and fill and heal that wound, but not with a Band-Aid! 🙂 Instead, He will put love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in its place.

May this promise resonate in your life and heart today and every tomorrow you are blessed with.

From my healed heart to yours,






P.S. Join us at 1:00 Pacific time today for Blog Talk Radio, Destination? Joyful! show, Unpacking the junk, one piece at a time. We will be going over some of the demographic statistics of eating disorders and discovering just how common this is. Click on the “Listen to my weekly podcast” and you’ll land in our show! 🙂


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