Help Wanted Part III from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Thanks so much for joining me again today for a little break and part III of our WOW for July. Grab your coffee and come on in.

Before we get back to Jesus and the multitude, I feel compelled to share with you that I in no way am trying to make this about me but the hope dancing in my heart is that you would recognize God all over this journey I’m sharing and be able to look at your journey and see His hand prints throughout it!

So, again, to rewind just a tiny bit, Jesus is among a multitude of weary, lost people, what I call walking wounded and He makes a profound proclamation to His disciples, one that has spurred people on to a job in Kingdom building and away from their own agendas: “The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few.”

So as I began to share yesterday, I was consistently reminding Him that I just wanted to write a book, as if He needs me to remind Him of what I want to do! In the layers of my attitude, I was resisting, though unconsciously, His will every time I made that statement. It was like an unseen tug-of-war.

I truly had no idea the road to publication would full of so many twists and turns, highs and lows. When I finished my first book, I was told to get a web site, then start a blog – I didn’t even know what a blog was – then blog as often as I could, get a Facebook, tweet on twitter, link on Linkdin, and at least three other forms of social media since the beginning. Oh and if you have a blog, then you need to start building a platform so why not start a Blog Talk Radio Show! My response to each of these: REALLY?website mission statement cloud 200x

So I showed up, but not fully cognizant of the job but with a heart desperate to be in His will, to do His will. See, He has allowed me to unpack a lot of emotional junk through writing that I would help comfort those with the comfort I’ve been given in and through Him. People have thanked me for my willingness to share my stuff and the honesty with which I share it. But really, I never imagined that He would use it to begin a ministry.

As I said, my resistance actually became a bit of a humorous joke amongst CPM event and board members, but little did I know that the joke would be on me! I don’t have enough toes and fingers to count how many times I’ve asked Him, “Are you sure I’m supposed to be doing this? After all, I just wanted to write a book!”

But then one day, not too long ago, something happened that caused me to understand and embrace the job that He has ordained for me. Join me tomorrow for that a-ha moment, the moment that caused the light to finally go on!



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