Help Wanted -The Conclusion from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks so much for stopping by for our Coffee Hour and the conclusion to our “Help Wanted” series. Grab your coffee and come on in. We’re still at the NAWBO-IE meeting.

When the meeting was over I remember talking with a couple women before I left, including the president who is a lawyer and specializes in business law and non-profits. Now that was no accident! In fact, I shared the piece of advice she gave us with our amazing financial advisor, and after 18 months we finally received non-profit status! Talk about another sign that I’m at the right job!

Yes, I left that meeting with a new membership, and a new attitude! Since then, I have repented for my attitude and embraced the humbling honor of getting in the trenches with others as they wrestle with their pieces, and sharing my unpacking process with them. This is the job He’s given me that my process would be a mirror that beckons others into their unpacking process. He is showing me that this is a form of discipleship! See, He reminded me of the process that had brought me to that moment, sitting there in that meeting, finally accepting the role He had designed just for me and He did so through this vision:

website mission statement cloud 200xThere is a large, tall mirror. It goes pretty far above me as I kneel down in front of it. There is a silhouette of a trunk but it is difficult to see the front of it, almost as if its front with the buckles and latches is part of me for all I see is a sort of three-dimensional dark trunk-shaped box. But that’s not all. The trunk is overflowing with emotional issues that once had the power to destroy me in the bondage they tied me to.

I bow my head in humble thanksgiving and see imprints of rope that once had my spiritual hands tied, but they are now free. With an appreciation beyond words for the deliverance from many of those silent joy killers, I worship Him and thank Him for His patience and grace extended to me.

As I continue to thank Him, I marvel at the process, and how despite me, He’s used me. Slowly, I lift my head again. This time, He gives me the picture of the pieces disappearing and I can feel the weight around me lessening, the dark shadow of the emotional junk fading.

I strain to look for some of the biggest pieces, the ones that kept me in silent bondage for so long. I don’t see them. I look all around me, almost as if looking for a companion. They are gone! But I won’t even grieve, for it feels so good!

I stare into the mirror and recognize something unfamiliar: my countenance! Could it be that the gift of peace has replaced those missing pieces of emotional junk that were my companions for so long, a sort of sick comfort?

It’s like watching a 3d motion picture of a real-life transformation of a woman once so bound up she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror. And though there are still more pieces to unpack, the pieces that fade into the past for good make room for the light. The light surrounds me and the darkness is gone. But wait a minute. What’s that I see? It looks like – I think it’s — I see silhouettes, and too many to count, of others who have, through His sovereignty, joined me in the unpacking process, unbeknownst to me. Again I bow my head in humble adoration.

CPM Board of Directors

CPM Board of Directors

Yes, now I have a new attitude and am showing up on the job ready, able and willing to listen to instructions from my Boss, wanting more than anything to do His will and in all my job responsibilities acknowledge Him for the harvest is plentiful. Many people honestly yearn for understanding and healing for their emotional wounds!

And when I get tired and weary in this job, my Boss will provide for rest, and because I will wait on Him, He will renew my strength and lift me up with wings as eagles. The reality of His unbroken promises rise up to meet me and I stand to embrace this role.

So, let me ask you: Are you showing up with Him daily to get your job assignment? Is your will entwined with His for your life? Do you know that you know that He wants you to want to be used by Him for Him?

Thanks for hanging out with me today!



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  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    My life is richer because of that mirror.