He’s a Housekeeper, Too? Cleaning the Living Room – From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour at Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. If this is your first time joining us, you may want to check the archives for this series so you get all of the pieces, or I should say all the housecleaning tips! 🙂 Join me back in the living room.

“Father, I need to ask you something.”

He looked up and nodded for me to continue.

“When I’m reading this big Book, and I’m not quite getting it, and maybe it’s because I’m not focused, or I’m a little distracted, what do I do? How can I understand it?”

His smile relaxed me and I sat back in my chair and brought both my legs up and around my right side, and leaned into the left arm of the chair.

“It’s simple, Daughter, and yet so many of my kids give up so easily. Just do what you just did: Ask for help. Tell me you’re not understanding and” –

This time I interrupted Him. But why do we have to tell You if you already know?”

He smiled at my innocent bluntness. “There is power in the spoken word, Child.”

He grabbed the ribbon that was dangling from the Bible and put it in place and then went to the beginning of the Bible and began to read to me from Genesis. His voice was as sweet as honey as He read about His creation. I received His words into my mind and little by little, they began to make their way into my heart and the light that came on answered a couple of questions that I had had ever since I could remember.

His movement caught my attention and I switched positions in my chair.

He turned His attention back to the place in the Bible where the ribbon lay and the silence that enfolded us was in no way uncomfortable, but almost a musical stillness in my soul that resonated and echoed peace. The feeling surfaced and brought goose bumps to my arms. I shivered in the warmth of it. “Oh, Father, I could stay right here and sing of your love forever.”

His contagious laughter embraced me.

“What is so funny, Father,” I asked with a smile.

“I am delighted that you are comfortable in My Spirit. You sound like My David that I began to tell you about yesterday.” He looked down to the open pages and back up at me and returned to the question that I had asked Him about staying focused.

He explained to me about the power of us putting ourselves into the reading and then before He read to me, He gave me a little history about the text He was about to read as it related to David. “These words were not just for David,” He concluded. “Just insert your name into the text and speak it, out loud, as I did for creation.”

His gentle reminder resonated in my heart and He began to read. This time, His voice sounded confident and convincing. “Daughter, commit your way to Me. Trust in Me and I will do this: I will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. Be still before Me, Child, and wait patiently for Me. Do not fret when men and women appear to succeed in their ways when they carry out their wicked schemes . . .” He looked up and caught my gaze. “– for I have overcome the world.”

His promises brought tears of comfort and joy and I thanked Him for taking time out of His incredibly busy schedule.

He reminded me that He was NEVER too busy to meet with me, or you, and then He also reminded me of another room that needed cleaning, the game/hobby room.

Being cleaned by His grace . . .



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