He’s a Housekeeper, Too? Cleaning the Living Room – From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by for more on this fun series, “He’s a Housekeeper, Too?” I’m enjoying bringing the reality of the necessity of meeting Him daily and allowing Him to clean the rooms of our heart. Grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

Before we go on to the next room, let me preface this whole series with this reminder: One of the most amazing truths that can only be grasped by faith is that Christ Himself, through the Holy Spirit, will actually enter a heart, settle down and be at home there. The only catch is that He has to be invited. There’s only one handle on the door of your heart and it’s on the inside. He won’t open and let Himself in, but He will keep knocking. Let’s move on in this series. Remember, He asked me to meet Him in the living room next.

I hurried to our meeting place and as I walked in the dining room, I remembered He had said we would next meet in the living room. I quickly changed my direction and headed to the living room but made a pit stop on the way in the kitchen and grabbed a quick cup of coffee and then headed to our new meeting place.

Now, I happen to really like my living room. It has a fireplace and real comfy furniture. In fact, it’s really easy to hang out there and not get up for a long time. This is also the place where we keep the music and the movies, but since we had already cleaned a lot of that out, I was actually looking forward to our visit this morning.

When I got to the living room, He was there, just like He promised, waiting. He was sitting in the big leather chair that was to the left of my favorite chair by the fireplace and He looked genuinely pleased to see me this morning. I sat down opposite Him in the matching chair. “Do you like this room, Father?”

“Oh, yes. This is now a good place to meet and I think we can have some insightful and delightful times together here.”

I was so happy that He was pleased because naturally I wanted to please him. “So what shall we do in this room?” I asked.

He reached for His love letters to us and opened it up and paused and looked up at me and smiled. “I remember when I spoke these words to David.” He paused again, obviously caught up in His memories. “Now that young man is a great example of both victory and defeat emotionally, physically and spiritually.” He chuckled a little.

“I’m not sure why you’re laughing, Father.”

“Have you ever read about David’s life?”

I hung my head a bit embarrassed for though I had invited Christ into my heart sometime ago, I had not really concerned myself with studying the Bible. From deep within, the feeling rose up that spoke of imminent change. “No, Father, I haven’t but I’d like to. Where would I begin to study the story of David?”

“A good starting point would be in 1st Samuel and then we will make our way through 2nd Samuel. “

“’We’, Father?”

“Most definitely, yes, as long as you meet with me, I will speak to you through My spirit in and through this Book.” He picked up the Bible for emphasis. He is quite a fascinating child of mine to study.

I smiled like a child being given a piece of candy, truly content in the moment.

He continued. “Yes, David’s life is most definitely interesting, full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Grace is woven all through the pages of his story.”

“You mean grace was in the Old Testament?” I was truly confused by what He had just said.

“Yes, the gift of grace has been there since the beginning.”

My eyebrows rose and almost joined in perplexity.

“This is why we need to meet daily, so you can learn more about Me, about My character that was, is and always will be motivated by grace. As you spend time with me, you will come to know in your heart that the thoughts that I think toward you are those of peace and not of evil. My desire is to give you a future of hope. When you continue to meet with me, you will come to know in your heart that you can call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and no matter where you are, I will listen to you.”

He paused again and I noticed the look in His eyes became acutely intense.

“What’s the matter, Lord?”

“I just ask that when you search for Me, when you call upon Me, that you do so with your whole heart.”

He read my confusion again.

“Sit with me and focus on our time, not on all the other things in your life that threaten to distract you from our time.”

“But –“

He interrupted me. “I understand that your mind is an active mind; that is meant to work as a gift in your life, so when it’s time for us to spend time together, just ask Me to help you to stay focused on our time and not everything else you feel you must do in your day that I give you.”

I promised Him that I would really work on staying focused in our time together and He assured me that it would get easier as we continued to meet.

I better let you get back to your day. Meet me back here tomorrow for more time with Him in the living room.




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