He’s a Housekeeper, Too? Cleaning the Rec Room-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour and thanks for sharing this time with me. Yesterday’s heart housecleaning left us with a bit of a challenge, to go back in our lives, B.C., before Christ, and jot down the things that we used to do for fun and then compare that list to what we do for fun in the present. Grab your coffee and come on in. Let’s see how that all went.

Throughout that day, my mind wandered to the assignment I was supposed to do before I met with Jesus again the following morning. Writing down what I used to do wasn’t really going to be all that hard, and yet, just thinking about what I used to think of as fun back in the day was enough to make me cringe with all kinds of emotions, none of them really positive.

It wasn’t until later on that night that I was able to sit down and begin the task. I heaved a heavy sigh and begin jotting down what I used to think was fun, like drinking and dancing at the clubs. I shook my head as I caught a glimpse of myself back then. Talk about wanting attention! Going to clubs to hear bands play was another fun thing I used to do quite a bit. I smiled as I remembered the karaoke parties we all used to have. They were so much fun.

I felt guilty as I remembered how much fun it was back in the day but just as soon as I started engaging with guilt, I heard, “Your sins are remembered no more.” Those words did much to save me from the pit of self-condemnation and gave me courage to continue on in this assignment.

I wrote down a couple of other things I used to do for fun, but they pretty much involved get-together type of parties, and of course dancing. I loved to dance back in the day. I stopped writing for a moment. Who am I kidding? I still love to dance, I thought to myself, “but I definitely don’t enjoy the ‘club’ atmosphere anymore; that’s for sure,” I wrote. And I still would love to go out and karaoke. I wondered silently if it was wrong or bad that I still liked to dance. “I’ll have to ask Him about that in the morning.” I reminded myself.

I continued to rewind back to those days and I remembered that my attitude/heart change about dancing in the clubs didn’t stop right when I came to accept Him into my heart, especially since I was single. That particular area of my life had taken a while to surrender. I pushed away the memories of what it had taken and began the new list.

“What do I do for fun now?” I asked aloud. At first I couldn’t really think about specific fun things so I sat there, quietly trying to remind the memories in my mind that seems to be fading as I get older. As I was sitting there quietly, I started seeing the faces of special friends whose friendships were a permanent fixture engraved upon my heart. My mind opened up and the memories came to the forefront.

As I picked up my pen to begin writing the next list, I remembered a recent party I had gone to for a special friend’s daughter’s sweet-sixteen. There had been a DJ there and dancing, too. Almost everyone there was from the church and we had so much fun, dancing under the stars and laughing with each other. There had been no type of condemnation at all afterwards. In fact, it was all just clean, natural fun! 🙂 🙂

“Hmmm, I work out with girlfriends from church. I run three times a week with another dear friend. We go to dinner with close friends from church. My BFF is from church and we have had some real good times and share a lot of laughter, and some tears, too.”

Suddenly I was writing and writing about all of our friends from our church, friends that had become like family, and I began to write some of the specific things we have done with each of them. The memories of all the fun times we’ve shared with each of them flooded my mind and began to come out on the paper. In just a few minutes, I had filled two pages of specific fun things we had done with our church family and seeing it there on paper, the message was clear: With church family, there was always some sort of gathering, a party of some sort, a reason to celebrate and everything we did that involved fun involved that family.

When I finished writing, I read through it and smiled at the memories I had recreated on paper and sparked in my mind. They squeezed my heart with a revelation; that being part of a church family was the best kind of fun with eternal value. I closed the book, content with my realizations and excited to share my revelations with Him the next morning.

Join me tomorrow and we’ll finish the cleaning in the rec room.

Sparkling with fun,



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2 Responses to “He’s a Housekeeper, Too? Cleaning the Rec Room-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Syreeta says:

    Great! This could be the good reference for my up coming challenge.

  2. Jan Bachelor says:

    Oh how true. The deeper meaning of “fun”. Love It!