He’s a Housekeeper, Too? Cleaning the Rec Room-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for taking some time to hang out for coffee hour in this interactive series, “He’s a Housekeeper, too.” This is such a fun series and I’m having a great time as His Spirit writes through me in a way that reveals how He would talk with us if we would just make time to talk with Him and invite Him into every room of our heart, one room at a time, until His presence fills every room. Only by doing this can we then maintain His presence in our daily relationship with Him and thus keep the rooms of the heart clean. 🙂

We are about to show Him the list of things we did for fun before getting to know Him and the list of what we do now for fun, so grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

He was already waiting for me when I came to our meeting place the next morning. I had my cup of coffee in one hand, balancing my rice cake snack on top of that, my thermos of coffee in the other hand and my list under my arm. He reached for the thermos and set it on the coffee table between His chair and mine and I set the cup of coffee down and handed Him my list like a proud five-year-old turning in her homework.

“I can tell you are quite excited to share this morning.”

I sat down and grabbed my coffee trying to not be so obvious. “That’s no fair because you’re . . .”

“I’m what?” He smiled

“You know, you’re God so you already know what I learned and what I want to share.” The echo of my disappointment sounded like a spoiled child even to my own ears.

“That’s true, on both counts.”

I looked up to see Him smiling so genuinely and unaffected by my short outburst.

“But that never changes the truth that I long to hear your thoughts from your own lips. That’s what relationship is all about; communication, not mind-reading.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard it quite put that way, Father.”

“So why don’t you tell me what you learned from doing these two lists.”

I used the list as a springboard and began sharing with Him how I can now see that when I was out clubbing before I came to accept Him, I was starving and searching for love and attention in all the wrong places. “But what I don’t understand is why I kept going out dancing and clubbing with my friends even after I had come to accept you into my heart?” I asked, startled by my own confession of confusion.

“Beloved, many of my children begin our relationship that way, allowing me in the front door of their heart but they take a while before they allow me to begin a deep cleaning on them, so to speak, and allow me into every area of their life, every room of their heart. Unfortunately many go off and have their old kind of fun, but those that truly desire to change, I know, and My spirit continues to knock on the various rooms of the heart until each door opens, each area of life is exposed and completely revealed and healed, surrendered.”

“But why can’t it just happen all at once?” I cried. I truly wanted to know this because everything seemed to be such a process with me.

He was quiet for a moment before He answered. “For some, it is instantaneous and our relationship starts off without any” – He stopped as if searching for the right word – “without any sort of blockage,” He finished.

“What type of blockage?”

“Beloved, that’s not easy to understand unless you study My love letters to you and the rest of my kids.”

He sat back in His chair and I could almost hear Him thinking.

“There was a point in your heart and in your life when you wondered why I didn’t stop the abuse you endured.”

I gasped at His frankness and He continued.

“But then you discovered in My Word that people have choices and no one is My robot, but that there is a special place reserved in the pit of hell for those who do not repent of the abuse they inflict upon My children because that abuse that was done to you and countless of others was and is done to the flesh. Because the flesh doesn’t die until the appointed time I bring you home, this abuse creates a sort of blockage in many areas, so we’ve had to unpack some stuff to get you to even sit still with Me.”

I felt His hand under my chin and He brought my gaze up to meet His through my tears that I didn’t even try to stop. The tears were bittersweet, bitter for the things of the past inflicted upon me and sweet with the taste of understanding and thereafter a sense that healing would be ongoing. I believed in Him and His love for me with all my heart, and one room at a time, we would get there.

Join me tomorrow for the conclusion of the rec room cleaning.

Shining by His cleaning


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