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He continued. “So for my kids that have had others’ sins heaped upon them, it’s more of a process, but you must always remember that My grace is sufficient for you.”

I nodded my head in understanding.

“And yet, there are those that use what others have done to them as a wall between us and they continue in their same cycle without any steps forward. And I am the only one who can tell if they are frozen in their fears and desire to be free, or if they simply don’t want to change.”

“You mean it’s okay to take a few steps forward and then wind up going backwards a little?”

“The important thing is that you keep getting up and inviting me to help you forward. That’s why I keep reminding you that My grace is sufficient for you and I who began a new and good work in you will be faithful to complete it until My return for all My kids.”

“So I’m always going to be in this — “I couldn’t bring myself to complete my sentence.

“Yes, the sanctification process is a life-long commitment; that’s why it’s important that we spend time together every day.” He looked around and brought His gaze back to me and continued. “Many times, when it comes to cleaning the rec room, my kids forget about me and the dirt builds up higher and higher until there is a separation from Me. If they would only ask, I would transform the rec room and bring new friendships, new excitement and laughter.”

His sadness was as obvious as the warmth of the coffee cup I was holding.

“Do you remember when we were cleaning out the study, that is your mind, and we talked about the music you listen to and the things that you read?”

I nodded yes.

Well what you do for fun is also a reflection of our relationship. See, if you can’t take me where you are going for fun, maybe you’re not supposed to go there. And to answer your question about dancing” –

I brought my head up instantly.

–“I don’t mind you dancing; it’s just where you do it that can create the problem and the attitude with which you dance.”

I smiled my appreciation that He had answered my silent question.

“But once the rooms are clean and you are completely surrendered in all areas of life, the more comfortable you will be in My love and the easier it will be for you to invite Me into everything that involves you.”

Before I left that morning, He thanked me for spending time with Him. I was absolutely speechless. “Shouldn’t it be me that thanks You?”

“I enjoy meeting with you and I know you used to think that with me around, you couldn’t have much fun. Remember, I have come that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be full. “

My heart was certainly full at that moment. I bowed in thanksgiving and as I was leaving our meeting place, He announced our next area of cleaning, the master bedroom.

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