He’s a Housekeeper, too? (Cleaning the Study/Mind) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour and welcome back to “He’s a Housekeeper, too?” I’m really enjoying how He is bringing this series to life and I hope you are too. If this is your first time, please check out the three prior blogs so you can join us without any confusion or hesitation. Grab your coffee and come on in. We’ve got to finish cleaning up this study.

Throughout the rest of the day, the things He had spoken echoed in my mind, settled in my heart and followed me everywhere. I went to the stereo within the entertainment center and pushed the “on” button and waited for the call numbers of the radio station to come into view. Then I began to search for a radio station that had some music with a message. To my surprise, there were a couple of them so I entered two of them as my number 1 and number 2 choices. I stood up and listened to the song that was playing and I was surprised by my desire to dance. It had such a good beat, and the words were incredibly uplifting. When the song was finished, the DJ announced the song title and the band and I stored it in my memory for later when I could go and buy some new CDs to replace the ones I knew didn’t have a positive message.

I was reminded about our conversation regarding the movies that were in the drawer and I began to go through them one by one, recognizing right away the movies that I know He couldn’t and wouldn’t sit through but there were a couple that I wasn’t really sure about so I set them aside. I’ll have to ask Him about those, I thought to myself. His encouraging words that I would not be making these changes alone came to my mind. I sighed, content in a weird sort of way and put the movies on the counter so I wouldn’t forget to bring them up in our next meeting. I glanced at the time and hurried out the door to my car, eager to take a break and get my errands done.

As soon as I started the engine, the stereo blasted me with the voice of Ryan Seacrest from KIIS FM radio station. By the time I had backed out of the driveway, a song was playing and as soon as I heard the words, I knew I had to make the same change in my car as I had in my home. I hurried and pulled back in the driveway and set my number 1 preset to the same station I had just found and headed off to get stuff done. Again I was pleasantly surprised. Song after song filled my car and I found myself humming and sort of dancing in my seat. Mercy Me, David Crowder, Fireflight, Sanctus Real, Toby Mac, I committed all these to memory. I loved their music and the words were definitely relatable and relevant. The crazy thing was how calm I felt as I crossed off errand after errand on my list.

My mind was set on happy by the time I made it back home I was definitely feeling more hopeful and positive about this whole cleaning business. I couldn’t wait to meet with Him in the morning to share about the cleaning I had done today.

The next morning, I made my coffee and my breakfast snack and hurried to our meeting place. This time, I didn’t feel the anxiety that I had felt in our first meeting. I opened the door and there He sat waiting for me, a smile on His face, the light shining bright all around Him. I sat down and right away began to thank Him for the music station I had found, and all the good music I had listened to. “I can’t believe how light-hearted I was,” I exclaimed.

He smiled and held His hand over His heart. “It brings me such joy to see you so happy, Daughter.”

The tenderness in His voice stirred in my heart and took my breath away for a few seconds. I cleared my throat and started to kind of fumble and mumble about the movie cleaning process and before I could get a sentence out, He stopped me with His words: “Remember, I am with you always. I will never leave you or forsake. I watched you hesitate over “Dirty Dancing,”

I turned a hot red and started to explain my thoughts then realized He already knew them so I decided to just be honest. “It’s just that is one of my favorite movies and . . .” I let the sentence go unfinished.

“That movie does have some good parts in it, Daughter, and some spiritual significance. The problem is with the scenes that go against my Word in the area of premarital sex. You see, Hollywood had done a grievous thing in making light of this issue and they portray that as part of love outside of marriage and I have designed for it to be shared only in and under the covenant of marriage.”

I nodded in understanding and He continued.

“So that hesitation you felt was Me just reminding you that though there are good things in there, I couldn’t sit through the whole thing.”

I hung my head in silence and I felt His hand lift my chin. “No need to fret, Dear daughter, He who began a new work in you will be faithful to complete it until My coming.

I better let you go but come back and we’ll finish cleaning up this room and move on to the next.




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5 Responses to “He’s a Housekeeper, too? (Cleaning the Study/Mind) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Gay Hardy says:

    This really hits home for me. When David accepted Jesus back in 1996 and I renewed me walk with the Lord, we had and did listen to secular music. Now considering our age, you can imagine the collection of good music we had between the two of us. Products of the 70’s the vast amount of now what they call classic rock was huge. David had three crates of vinyl, my collection not so large, but together, it was a lot of music.
    It did not happen over night, but the Lord did change our ears and hearts as to what we listened to…and we did hold onto those memories for many years to come. Through yard sales, those memories are no longer, but have been replaced with lyrics that are pleasing to the Lord. Regrets, I have a few, especially departing with my Elton John collection, but I know my heart is content. Movies, never acquired them or had the desire to watch them. I guess that’s a good thing.
    Love this series…thanks for reminding us that Jesus wants all good things for his flock…what is pleasing to Him.

    Love, Gay

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