He’s a Housekeeper, too? Cleaning the Work/Hobby Room-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power! I’m so glad you could join me today. If this is your first time, you may want to look over the archives. This is the 14th posting in this series, which I hope and pray is becoming more and more interactive with and for you. I have borrowed the theme from a tract written by Robert Munger called “My Heart, Christ’s Home.” I’ll never forget reading this tract almost 17 years ago now. It planted the seed of truth in my heart that He does long to meet with us and it literally opened up the door to the most meaningful relationship I have, the one with Jesus Christ. Grab your coffee and join me in the work/hobby room.

Before we go in, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. Not everyone has a spare room in their house that they can call a hobby/work room, i.e., craft room, sewing room, scrap-booking room, or a writing room, or whatever else you can think of but this can even be a section of another room or even a corner in the garage, but wherever it is, this is the room where our talents, whatever they are, come to life.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this room or part of a room has become the place where you throw more stuff in and promise to put it away when you have some extra time instead of the place of eternal productivity.

Come on into my writing room, which was just another place to put stuff until He cleaned it out.

I tapped open the door with my foot, holding my cup of coffee and my thermos for refills. I turned to see Him sitting just where He had been the day before. The light of His smile shone like the sun through the window behind Him. “Good morning, Father.”

“Well, Good morning to you, too.”

“Would you like some coffee?”

“No, thank you.” He chuckled.

I didn’t quite understand why He was laughing.

“If it were organic, I might be tempted,” He answered my unspoken thought.

“All this talk of organic. Organic, smorganic . . .” I huffed and puffed which really made Him laugh and then He stopped just as quickly as He started. I took my seat on the floor directly in front of Him, not quite at His feet. I was feeling like I had already gulped down a cup or two of the leaded morning brew. 🙂

“Actually, it’s not that funny, but the cure for many of these diseases that my kids suffer with is found in the garden.”

His tone was emphatic but not criticizing. All I could think about was the cleaning of the work/hobby room. I thought we were here to talk about cleaning out the work/hobby room to help me figure out what I’m supposed to do when I grow up, or not, my thoughts seemed to scream.

“Why are you getting impatient and anxious? Maybe you shouldn’t have so much coffee in the morning, huh?”

I had the wherewithal to turn every shade of red imaginable despite the smile in His voice.

“See, this is a good opportunity for me to point out, My Beloved Daughter, that you should never come into our time with an agenda. Instead, take My lead and follow Me. You never know what secrets I’ll be sharing with you and what direction our time will take; this way you do not sadden or inhibit My Spirit.”

“I’m guilty as charged, Lord. I’m sorry. Sometimes I can get a bit too focused and forget who’s really in control.” I was surprised at how easy my admission was, how it just flowed out of my heart without any pride at all.

“Now, let’s talk about this room.” I followed His gaze as He turned first His head and then His body to take it all in. There were scrapbooks stacked on top of a table and I watched as His head moved from the bottom of the stack to the top and then over to the left of the scrap-booking stuff was a huge basket full of yarn and unfinished crocheted projects. Then on the other side of the scrap-booking stuff was several books about writing. He nodded His head and smiled and then continued to look around. I was a bit embarrassed at how dusty everything was. “So your housekeeper doesn’t clean this room, does she?”

I didn’t hesitate though I wanted to choke on my laughter. “Uh, no, she doesn’t.”

“You have everything you need in this room to do some work for My kingdom.”

“I don’t understand what you mean, Father.”

“Well, I think we need to go a ways back. Remember . . .”

I sat at His feet for over an hour that morning as He recounted events that had taken place throughout my life that had pointed to His purpose for my life. Listening to Him affirmed that He had for sure been with me all my days of my life and that He had protected me from many unseen principalities as well as many seen. There was no other explanation as He vividly replayed my life and reminded me in detail of certain circumstances that all but screamed at me to begin writing.

“So what do I do now, Lord? I’ve wasted so much time. Surely you don’t think I’m supposed to start writing now, do you?”

“Are you asking me if it’s too late?”

I hung my head in humility. “Yeah, I guess I am. Aren’t I too old to begin a new career now?”

Again He laughed but I knew in my heart He was laughing with me and not at me.

“Actually, it’s not too late. See, you’ve been journaling all these years, so I have used that as a sort of basic training for your writing journey. I will be putting people in your life that will encourage you in this and there will be books that come to be published, but in My time. So you are not to worry about simple things such as age. Time is not the same with me, Daughter. And besides, we still have some other rooms to clean.”

I sat at His feet suddenly filled with an anticipation I had not ever experienced before, but have dreamt of.

“Yes, this is the room where I will write through you about things that will speak to women’s hearts, one heart at a time and this will be such good kingdom work. Ahhh, yes, for I know the plans I have for you . . .”

Without Him, we don’t accomplish a whole lot that’s worth anything, but in Him and with Him, we can do all things. Invite Him, His Spirit to work through you to bring your purpose to life, to help you walk in His purpose. It really does work! When we let go and agree to trust Him, this allows for His will in your life, the results of which will absolutely amaze you.

We’ll be meeting in the rec room next . . .

Love and laughter,



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