Housekeeper Visits the Study-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for coming back for more on this fun series, “He’s a housekeeper, too?” Grab your coffee and come on in with an open heart. Something tells me we may get a bit of heart/house cleaning done today. 🙂

So go with me to a place of imagination. I pray as you enter into this series, that your heart will become more opened to all the doors that will open with Him in your home, your heart.

So let’s imagine that Jesus has just been invited into our heart, our home. Obviously we can’t just leave Him standing at the front door so let’s let Him in. Don’t worry; He’s not coming in with a white glove to see how much dirt awaits Him; nor is He coming in with a shop vac to suck it all away. He’s not going to bring in knives and saws to cut away the chains of bondage that bind us in some of these rooms; nor is he going to use bleach to clean all of the buildup from old and not-so-good habits.

See, He already knows what’s in each of the rooms and His plan isn’t to hurt us or harm us in the cleaning process, but to build us up, to give us a hopeful future, one free from the things that control us. Instead, He comes in love, and grace, ready to be with us in all of our muck and junk that will be revealed simply by His presence.

Well, let’s not leave Him standing there. Let’s take Him into the first room of our heart and home, which for the sake of clarity, let’s say it’s the study, or it could be your office, which is the room of our mind. I’ll go first but feel free to imagine Him in your study/mind as well. 🙂

Now, I don’t know about you, but in my home, this room of the mind is fairly small with thick walls. I guess that’s why people say I’m hard-headed! 🙂

The mind is the control room of the house, because wherever your thoughts are, there is your heart, too. You could also say that the mind is sort of like the thermostat for the house as well. So let’s go through this door of the mind and see what we find.

Hmmm, as we enter, and Christ is right there with us, do you feel an urge to run and hide anything? In the bookcases of your mind, what are you reading? And how about those pictures on the wall; is it okay for His eyes to gaze upon the images there? As I watch Him gaze around the area of my mind, I see His gaze stop on something and suddenly, I am a bit uncomfortable. His focus is on a huge entertainment center that takes up the entire wall. Let’s go see what’s in there.

Wow, movies, and lots of them. Suddenly I hear his voice: “No, don’t hide anything; it’s okay.”

I am a bit embarrassed but He assures me that while He refuses to look at those R-rated movies, He’s not angry with you or me. And the love in His eyes confirms that. As He walks with me, I realize that those types of movies and His presence are definitely not a match. Something else I’ve come to know as true is that He is confident that my choices – and yours, too — will become different after we’ve hung out together for some time.

Now He’s looking at all our music. He loves music. Oh, He’s looking at each of the CDs and sometimes I can see Him smile, and other times, well, He looks a bit sad. See, I’ve come to understand that music is very, very important to Him. The right music softens the heart and makes it much easier for Him to communicate with you and me and to you and me, but again, He assures me of His confidence that our choice in music will change after a while as well.

I invite Him to sit down and though I am completely uncomfortable, I feel safe in His unconditional love. I don’t think I want to ask Him how He likes the room, but I think I’ll just tell Him what I’m realizing as He hangs out here with me. I think it’s time to ask Him for some help in cleaning this study, or office, the room of the mind.

Join me next week for some cleaning tips on how to clean the study, the room of the mind, from the greatest Housekeeper that ever walked the earth and settled down in your heart! 🙂

Loving Him being in my heart,


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10 Responses to “Housekeeper Visits the Study-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. neenee says:

    Hi honey!
    Great stuff…I pray that this series will open eyes and hearts of those that struggle with there relationship with God. That they would truly see Abba Daddy for who he really is. Love you sweet friend 😉

  2. admin says:

    I am so blessed by your growth and your relationship with Daddy…. It squeezes your heart!
    Love you tons…

  3. Sherrie says:

    This is so true. Whatever we focus our minds on is where our heart and attitude follow. I pray God will clean my house and help me to keep it that way 🙂
    Loving hugs,

  4. admin says:

    Your heart is so beautiful:)
    Hugs back at you!

  5. Brockney says:

    I am very fortunate to be able to come to your blog and I will bookmark this on my computer so that I could come back another time.

  6. Josie Hornbrook says:

    Thanks a lot you for this blog. Thats all I am able to say. You clearly know what you are working at, youve taken care of so many corners.kind regards

  7. Deschaine says:

    First-class information, lots of very good material. I am about to show my friends and discuss this with them.

  8. Tree trimming says:

    Excellent post and I’ve bookmarked your blog to come back to again when i have time.

  9. Dollie says:

    Bookmarked, I enjoy your site! 🙂

  10. admin says:

    thanks so very much for stopping by:)