If I could have coffee with God. . .From Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to our “If I could have coffee with God” series. It’s really a cool thing to think about, having coffee hour with Him. I love imagining the conversations we’d have and the things I’d thank Him for, the questions I’d ask Him. Grab your coffee and come with me to that quiet and comfy place.

If I could have coffee with God, I think before I even served Him His coffee, I’d thank Him for not giving up on me, even when I couldn’t stand myself. I have a feeling He would remind me of His love for you and me and smile as He explained how He sees us through His eyes of love. Only He has the X-ray picture into our hearts. I’d be so humbled that I would feel compelled to ask Him to forgive me for all my whining and complaining that I seem to do every day. I’d probably be crying like a faucet that can’t be turned off and He would wipe my tears away and save them. 🙂 Did you know His word tells us that?

I don’t know how many times I’ve made it a silent pact to not complain all day and there are days that I make it through, but not as many that I don’t. Sometimes I don’t even last an hour past my quiet time with Him before I’m caught in the fierce fire of complaining. 🙁 That’s another thing I’d have to thank Him for, is all the times I asked for forgiveness and He lovingly wiped the slate clean as though I’d never done it. I’d thank Him for the truth that as far as the east is from the west, He remembers my junk no more.Now that is not something to take for granted. In fact, when we really understand the cost and the depth of His grace, we are less inclined to repeat old behaviors.

Complaining is probably one of my strongest weaknesses, which is why I continue to thank Him for His gift of grace, but why oh why do I keep on doing it? #$%^*() I think He might tell me it’s because I take the eyes of my heart off of Him. Ouch!

I’m reading this book on humility right now, and in reading about all the ways that Christ served while He was in the form of man, I can’t ever imagine Him complaining because the Word confirms that He didn’t. That doesn’t mean He didn’t feel all the things that you and I feel, like anger and sadness, et cetera. He just never acted upon His feelings.

You know, we read that He would walk for miles and miles and never utter a complaint, not one. He never complained that He needed new shoes; that His feet hurt or that He was thirsty and hungry. He never complained about all the people that made fun of Him, more cruelly than you and I have ever endured; that’s for sure. We never hear Him defend Himself, either, for He knew who His defender was and still is. He was an incredibly hard worker, and yet He never complained of how tired He was or how little he earned or how unfairly He was being treated by His superiors.

Yeah, I would definitely thank Him for not giving me what I deserved despite all my complaining. I’d thank Him for the gentle reminders of my blessings. I know He likes a grateful heart, which is why I always spend the first few moments of our time together in the morning thanking Him for the God-stops from the day before. It really is a good prescription for complaining, and yet there are days that I need to do it a few times throughout the day, just to give myself a splash of perspective which minimizes the urge to complain!

I think I’m gonna put myself out there today by making myself accountable to any and all of you who read this post. Come back tomorrow to hear how I did in my pact to have a complaint-free day!




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