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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Happy Invitation Tuesday and thanks for stopping by today! Grab your coffee and come on in. I want to share a divine appointment with you.

Let’s rewind the clock of time for just a moment. It’s April 23rd, the day of my final book-signing at our resort in Cabo and I was walking by the pool to finish setting up when I heard a “Ma’am, excuse me, Miss?”

I turned around and a guy about my husband’s height was about ten steps behind me and now catching up. “Are you the author?”

I smiled at his question. “Yes, that’s me!”

“Well my wife really wants to meet you.”

I waited for him to catch up and pointed to the table that had already been set up for me. “Well, bring her on over. I’m just getting set up.”

He assured me he would and went off to get her as I began the set-up. Carol, a sweet friend I met from Cabo years ago at my first book-signing at the resort, was already there waiting to help, and between the two of us, we were set up in no time. Just as I was going to sit down, he came back … with his wife.

He introduced himself as well as her and we struck up an immediate conversation. Within minutes, anyone looking on would have thought we were long-lost friends as we exchanged ministry experiences and laughter. It was this statement that really intrigued me … at least then, but not as much now: “I told my husband I’m going to work with this woman one day.”

In the back of my mind I’m thinking, who is this woman? Why would she want to work with me?

Well, God is still revealing all the facets of her to me — and there are many — but to make the longer story short, by the time we ended our vacation, she, and her husband, were planning to come out for the event all the way from New Jersey, and she had created a book-club event for her top leaders in August based on my new book A Cup of Grace for the Day – she has since added a one-day conference with me as the keynote speaker, and she also re-invented the wheel for an event she’s doing in September to include me in it!

Who is this woman? Oh, so many facets to her! Please, mark your calendar for June 28th! You are going to love meeting Dr. Sandrie Bermudez, the First Lady of Vineland, New Jersey!


Thriving in His sense of humor,


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