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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Thanks so much for joining me for this special series, Invitation Tuesdays, a series where I will give information about our next event, information that may include hints of some sort, tidbits of the actual subject and much, much more. Grab your coffee and come on in so I can share something special.

So last week we held our first event planning meeting for our November event. I was so excited to see everyone, which included many return volunteers and a couple of new ones to replace the ones who couldn’t help this time. The momentum of enthusiasm and ownership picked up speed as the meeting progressed and details began to unfold.

I had an exciting possibility to share with them which was that Brandi from KSGN was considering emceeing our event – she has since told me she can’t 🙂 but with the mention of KSGN, my husband brought up the, what I thought was, impossibility of advertising with them and how much it was. I literally had a hot flash as he spoke, thinking to myself, why in the world is he . . . but I shut myself up and listened as he spoke, because when he speaks, we listen! He is a man of few words:) Anyway, someone on the team asked how many spots that covered.

I turned to our team member and replied, “50, I think.” She very matter of factly said: Well, then I’ll take care of that then.”

I gasped, as did many of the other team members and as I looked around, I could tell there were others who wondered if they had heard correctly by the looks on their faces!

So today’s invitation includes an invitation to be listening to KSGN, which really is a family friendly radio station and sometime in October, you will hear more details about what I just know in my soul down to my toes will be an amazing event of Living & Loving on Purpose through the Holidays!

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