Invitation Tuesdays-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Thanks for joining me today for our special Invitation Tuesdays! Grab your coffee and let’s go chat a minute about this event.

So in an effort to keep it real with you, I must admit I need your help. See, the warfare flame has gone from low to beyond high, and I’m in desperate need of your prayers. Time and time again – I think this is our tenth event – the warfare has reminded me of the changed lives from events in the past, and He has refined me in and through the flames. I must be in need of some serious refinement because the flames are coming at me from places and people I never imagined. And I am learning in this heat, but I can’t get through it without your prayers. I know that I know that HE uses all things; and I He knows that I desire that His refining process bring Him glory.

Kim CPM Flyer2_4x6EDITSo, all I can say is if this warfare is a measurement of the lives we will reach at this event, keep me burning for You, Father, and would you, friend of CPM, keep me in your prayers that I would withstand the process while He burns away all that needs to go that I may stand before you all and share how to live on purpose!

I hope you will plan on joining us! Get your tickets today!


kim L




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