Invitation Tuesdays-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

I’m so glad you stopped by for this special invitation and a sneak peek behind the scenes as well as hints of some things you will experience at our Living & Loving On Purpose Through the Holidays event. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I’m super excited about the information downloads He’s been giving me for this event. Last week, after our quiet time, I was sharing with my husband a vision I had for a sort of infomercial I wanted to produce for this event and it involves His calling, His direction, if you will for CPM. I’ll give you a hint: it involves getting in the trenches and helping others with hurts, habits and hang-ups. Within seconds, my husband was on board with me and jumping in the trench, helping me create what we wish to convey to all who come to this event.

As we talked through it, George got on the phone with one of his clients and secured a location, just like that! We talked about who the actor or actors would be – and that’s what is really going to surprise you, and then we talked about the various props we would need.

Then we talked about who would film it and edit it so we can show it, and that too was another God-inspired surprise!

Oh, I hope with all my heart you will join us. And please, if you already know you can come, please order your ticket so we can send you some special information!

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Looking forward to seeing you,



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