Invitation Tuesdays-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Oh, what a difference a week makes! Grab your coffee and come on in for some event updates.

So something a lot of you didn’t know is our amazing Patty, CPM’s assistant got an amazing job offer for a full time job, a job that she had applied for a year before coming to us! About two months after starting with CPM, she began to get phone calls from them and after seven of them, she knew she had to at least check it out. Well, of course they hired her! She’s amazing. The second to her last day, she brought me a resume of someone who is a Harvard graduate and to be honest, I paid very little attention to it because there was no way I wanted to try and train someone only to lose them again, especially in the midst of planning an event!

Oh, friends, if you ever think God doesn’t care about all that concerns you, or if you believe He doesn’t know how to laugh, let me tell you, those are two HUGE lies from the devil. Let me explain what I mean. After several weeks of no assistant and wondering why God had taken the amazing one I had and placed her somewhere else, juggling marriage, working and ministry, while riding the wild broom ride of menopause too, oh, and don’t forget another sinus infection, I snap! Yup, and not a clean snap, either! Ugly is the first word that comes to mind. Anyway, I let my board know, we have four applications, three of which I’d like to interview, and so we set them up for the same Saturday as our event team meeting.

We interviewed two ladies; and yes, one of them being the Harvard graduate. There were four of us in the interviews and I know we were all wondering, what in the world is a Harvard graduate doing applying for a part-time job in a ministry? None of us were prepared for her answer but her answer convinced all of us that we not only needed her, she needed to be a part of ministry! So all that to say, CPM now has another assistant and the only reason I brag upon her Harvard degree is to bring home the truth that when God is serving, He doesn’t just served chopped liver or hamburger but He serves the best of the best. Do you realize, because I finally did, that without Patty, our former assistant, we never would have met Christina, our new assistant?

Yes, God works all things out for His glory, and our good, according to His good and perfect will. Please, plan on joining us November 2nd for a whole lot of great things, and please, introduce yourself to our new assistant Christina!


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Get Your Ticket today!



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One Response to “Invitation Tuesdays-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Amen, He does it all the time. Why we all keep looking to ourselves for a stop-gap answer I will probably never quite understand. Especially since we do it over and over again. Slow learners we can be and fast panic masters we are. Got my own anxiety going on right now and it is about time I cast all this unto Jesus for the perfect solution. Yep, I gotta keep remembering that this is His parade and not my own, and quit trying to help Him help me! All I need is Him.